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Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that fist pumping during sex is not romantic. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

he's got the heart of a champion. Don't take that away from him.

that's like getting your ass slapped after, and "good game"


iAmScrubs 19

he's got the heart of a champion. Don't take that away from him.

stop yelling at your computer. stop it. stop.

111 is right, only do that if WoW is pulled up. BTW op your boyfriend is the man.

Why is your pic of a random bra? At first I thought it was some female plank joke from Ed, Edd, & Eddy lol

that's like getting your ass slapped after, and "good game"

salvorican 24

I had an ex that did that.. Actually he chased me around with his ass and asked me if I had a magnet, because I seemed to be attracted to his buns of steal..

olpally 32

haha just thought of a family guy reference where peter tries to win lois back by doing that buns of steel... lmao

canuckkk17 0

BOO hawks nd boston suckk GO CANUCKS

olpally 32

canucks are the dirtiest playing team if they win the cup... no class.. burroghs biting someone.. thats just bush league..

canuckkk17 0

jealous cause your team didnt finish 1st? and are gunna take it in 5 games AND that we knocked the hawks out this year even after eager chirped about kesler being a coward? he didnt even desereve the flash. the past doesnt matter bud its bout the future they're making

olpally 32

not jealous.. even the rest of canada hates vancouver and doesnt consider you guys a true canadian team.. your own country hates that team... haha not just me...

nikkibear123 4

My bf tells me "good game" & we high five lol

But trying to change someone's personality to suit you is...

It's not his personality, it's not like he has a bad personality, he fist pumps during sex. It's a turn off for her, clearly.

agree ^^ and fist pumping would be kind of awkward - he would practically be dancing whilst having sex - WTF? lol

I'm still trying to figure out how the hell he could fist pump without disrupting the whole process of sex itself...

Simple; he just needed to be in a position in which he didn't need (both of) his hands for anything (such as support).

there's parts of this fml missing. she was on top and he fist pumped her in the face!

HAHAHA! made my day or should i say week?

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ATLforever7 6

I still find it hard to believe that fisting is very enjoyable. I'd almost prefer the fist pumping dude. But maybe I'm just naive.

catlynnpenn 0

I agree with that. I don't want an entire fist in me. haha

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