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Today, I had to explain to my husband why saving the condom from the first time we had sex is not romantic. FML
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Well, at least he didn't frame it and put it on display.


Tell him to re use toilet paper if that's his logic

He still keeps the toilet paper from the first time he learned to wipe his butt :)

Well, at least he didn't frame it and put it on display.

Complete with a tag next to one of the kids that says "Our Little Accident"

#29 I think that condom would have to be broken..

purrypie 9

Assuming you're being serious, I agree! While it's incredibly disgusting and definitely not textbook romance, the sentiment is beautiful and at least he tried. No wonder men get so much shit for not being romantic enough. They really just aren't being romantic "right".

I have yet to wash the hand a girl I liked in 1st Grade held. It's romantic. Not serious

That condom is a romantic piece of art that holds little hubby's babies from transforming to real babies

And when you make them angry they turn green and rip the condom apart

Ehehe, yeah, people have many ways to be romantic, and that's okay! Its good to be different :) Yknow, as long as its not a safety hazard...

It strikes me as a surprise as well. If you'll excuse me, I have a keep-sake box to organize. Serious

guci101 14

Why did you wait until now to say anything?

Maybe because she only just knew about it

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Oh really, #30? I facepalmed so hard I became Captain Picard. Live long and... prosper?

At least he's only saving it and not trying to reuse it.

We don't know how she found out do we??

Actually it is kind of romantic. At least he doesn't collect his toenail clippings or earwax...

I put toenails on a string and give them to my friends as "friendship necklaces"... I don't have many friends...

crazytwinsmom 25

Better than toenails and earwax and the used condom is pretty gross but at least he tried

I hope that isn't from 5- 10 years ago cause that would be even more nasty

I imagine it being in an ice cube or molded in some kind of transparent plastic, otherwise the smell would be unbearable

What? Do you have a problem with recycling? I don't understand this FML.