Time to tap out

By Staying single - 25/06/2023 13:00 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, my girlfriend asked why we weren't married yet. I guess I don't find her alcoholism, lack of income, constant insults, references to cheating, and general entitlement behaviour very wifey material. FML
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So why are you still with her, again?

Is there literally anything you do like? Why are you with her?


So why are you still with her, again?

Pretty sure it's because she agrees to butt stuff.

Is there literally anything you do like? Why are you with her?

Why is she girlfriend material? Sounds more like **** buddy material.

XRP123 11

Run for your life. Other than if you really want kids, marriage is a losing proposition for men. I know so many men who's gf accidentally got pregnant. You either make a decision or she will make the decision for your.

Men with this attitude definitely should stay single. Also celibate.

XRP123 11

He knows she is a loser. He will regret not listening to his gut. He knows what he needs to do. Re: attitude. Unfortunately my experience and attitude is common with middle age men. Women are not worth the effort.

and yet you're still with her. shit or get off the pot

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you are an ass, why tf are you with someone if you don’t like them? fcking loser

lalalaila777 24

youre not going to marry her, so your just killing time with someone you are abused and cheated on by? you deserve it for staying knowing exactly who she is

...yet she's clearly girlfriend material? If you're with her only for the sex, you shouldn't be with her.

She and I agree about one thing apparently - She shouldn't still be your girlfriend at this point. I suspect we might disagree on the particular interpretation of what that entails, though.