By wowhoopla - 11/01/2010 01:10 - France

Today, some drunk dude broke into my house while my parents were out. Scared, I asked him what he wanted, his response was "cookies." FML
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wowhoopla tells us more.

well if u all must know hat happened I showed him we had Betty crocker chipsahoy and Oreo but he insistead on having them all. And all I could day was I'm going to be cookie broke so he decided to share some... and so i had cookies with some random drunk who broke into my house. can't day I've done that before...

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that wasn't a drunk man I was cookie monster in disguise

give the man his cookies


wat else would he want jewelry? not likely lol

he is my hero

cookie monster strikes again


Could of been worse. He couldve wanted to rape you.Or even worse, want cupcakes

But I like the cookies

first. WTF?!

You're dumb. Go back to pre-school.

they're was no post there wen he posted it. making him think he was first, dummy

WTF can u count? ur #2 lol doodoo n FYI nobody cares if ur first or last

that wasn't a drunk man I was cookie monster in disguise

gasp your right!!!

I fricken love this comment

you Better Have Given Him Chocolate Chip.!! >:(

Did you give him any???

give the man his cookies

That's hilarious. I would have given him a cookie.

i woulda pissed myself lol

I would have called the cops. After freaking out.

What if he wanted more than one cookie!?

Did you give him any? Lol. Better that then something else

give him more beer

that wasn't a drunk man it was cookie monster!!!!