By condom_kid - 27/07/2009 14:34 - United States

Today, my father pulled me aside right before heading off to my girlfriend's house. He said "Next time you have sex, don't leave the tied up condom in its wrapper inside your short's pocket, otherwise your mother might find it again as she's folding laundry." FML
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shewasalmost18 0

uhh in your pocket? did you want a souvenir?


You're not supposed to flush condoms.... they clog up the pipes....

Your not allowed to flush condoms, they have to be tied and put in the bin

The_Cait 0

And then spend hundreds of dollars on getting your pipes snaked? This guy did the right thing; his only slip up was forgetting to throw it away when he had an opportunity before tossing the shorts in the laundry. Everyone's forgotten to take something out of their pocket before the wash at some point...this one just ended up being a more hilarious mistake =).

If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to do your own laundry. YDI.

I'm 36, have sex regularly and can count the times i've done my own laundry with the fingers of one hand. In fact i haven't got a clue on how you go about ironing a shirt. And no i'm not married, i just hired someone to do it for me since i moved out at 21. And no, i'm not rich, its just money well spent (tho i don't know if i could afford it if i was still living in the states).

bexox 0

tensor - It's not hard. The directions are on the tags. If you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money... I don't understand this.

jasmine1259 2

lol 54 is an idiot what grown man doesnt do his own laundry? that's just pathetic.

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Money well spent my ass, that's retarded and lazy. And YDI for putting your nasty ass used condom in your pocket. Throw that shit away, and just make sure you take out the trash if you don't want your mom to know.

Agreed. YDI b/c the OP sounds old enough to be doing their own laundry.

anna_bella4657 0

YDI. I can't believe you forgot that you were holding your own **** in your pocket. Hah, what an idiot.

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Wow. I'm sixteen and I've done my own laundry for about three years now. It's really not that hard, I assure you.

Well I suppose it's better than holding someone elses **** in his pocket :3

Daft_Punk709 0

Only 3 years? I've been doing my own laundry since I was like 10-11 and I'm 15 now.

ew **** doing laundry. sure, ill do it when i move out, but until then, wtf?

so true I use to flush the condoms me and my girlfriend used in her toilet, then about 2 months ago her dad had to get it fixed and it was backed up from all the latex condoms, needless to say as soon as the plumber told him I was outtie 5000 :)

This is like what happened to my boyfriend except it fell out when his grandmother (he lives with her) was washing his jeans. It was very awkward visiting for the next few months.

So close to being first; anyhow, why was he rummaging through your shorts?

Didn't you read? She was folding laundry.

wow, read the ******* fml instead of worrying about being first

my mom checks the pockets of my clothes for money or the occasional ipod whens he does laundry btw im only 17 not a lonely 30 year old virgin only a lonely 17 year old one lol

brittanyrmh_ 12

Obviously you didn't read the FML before posting.

DjMonroe95 11

Uhh his mom found it while doing his laundry -_-

Unsanitary ? there is NOTHING wrong with tying up a condom and taking it with you. You are not supposed to flush it, and its not smart to throw it in unknown places. Taking it with you IS the right call, usually just wrapped in tissue or tp and throwing it in the trash in your own appt. (or in this case your mom's house)

kahyia 0

i understand why the condom was in your pocket but i personally dont see how u forgot about it... its not like its everyday you have a "rubber balloon" filled with your own **** and covered in ur partners vaginal fluids that sounds like the type of thing i would remember about and immediately want to get rid of

gerblerr 0

this happened to me once cuz the bathroom was being used so i put it in a sock. bad idea.

thou shalt not flush condoms. don't be an idiot. its incredibly polluting too.

oldskoolman85 0

Thats gross. Throw it the **** away!

monnanon 13

if the OP's mum was folding the laundry does that mean it went through the entire wash . eww lol :D I mean its easy enough to leave stuff in your pockets, money, sweet wrappers, etc but maybe this will make you check your pockets in future :D

deaditegirl 0

YDI. Trash cans exist for a reason.

Emberlin 0

I know, seriously. It's called wrapping it in a bunch of tissue and throwing it away!

brrrx 0

Wow, that's classy of you. And, that's disgusting. you just walked around with in your shorts pocket?

live_my_life245 0

it was his little trophy. :D lmao

i no i mean who wouldnt want to keep a used condom in thier shorts pocket??? (to all you idiots... that was what we call sarcasm)

It's also a good way to make babies and get STI's. Fabulous. haha