By jasmine - 23/08/2019 04:00

Today, I found out the hard way, that yes, a condom can break. Also, that sometimes when it does, your boyfriend won't say anything until you start having morning sickness. FML
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blondie45 21

Oh so it’s automatically her fault because she is a woman?


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Oh so it’s automatically her fault because she is a woman?

JillianJuneBug 39

I would like to know what sort of mental gymnastics Kristen had to do to conclude that this was somehow implying sexism.

JJB, you forgot the sarcasm tag at the end of your comment (I hope).... Lol

pins91 27

What an idiotic comment. Are you a virgin then? Are you a nun?

JillianJuneBug 39

Jbuckets, nope, r/woosh moment lol

let me see if I can fill in the mental gymnastics needed here to conclude sexism in the original comment. 1, original poster agreed to sex with a condom to prevent pregnancy. 2, condom broke, boyfriend realized it, but didn't say anything and finished up like nothing had happened. 3, boyfriend did not say a damn thing about the broken condom until original poster developed morning sickness. 4, you asked me, he's guilty of at least sexual battery / assault, if not flat-out rape due to his failure to adhere to her terms of informed consent. I hope that perhaps this explains the mental gymnastics necessary to conclude sexism in the comment. by the way if you don't see what's wrong with what the boyfriend did, you are a part of the problem and **** you!!!

JillianJuneBug 39

Lol relax slym nobody said that the boyfriend wasn’t the problem but that doesn’t mean that this was because of misogyny (or because she is a woman). Way to jump to conclusions like I did (and I pray that I did have a woosh moment because kristen’s comment can’t be real).

they're not tall long about the FML... they're refering to the parent comment. which was stupid. no one deserves to have a kid just because they had sex.

EmDizzle2007 28

people don't want to be responsible.

Exactly I was always told don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Kids are a life sentence. Takes two and protection doesn’t always work. Condoms, nope, birth control pill nope, depo shot nope, tubes tied nope. Demolition of the baby factory yup.

people have died for a lot less...just saying

blondie45 21
Nhayaa 21

Is there a way to tell? Because the same happened to me, I saw the condom and it didn't look broken, sooo... just saying.

Well, in this case, OP states that HE noticed it PDQ....

tckm1699 7

When I’ve had it happen, he said it suddenly felt too good, pulled out, and there was a giant hole at the top (friction break, not enough lube). But it is possible for there to be a tiny hole in the condom before you even put it on or if it’s an older condom it could be weaker and wear thin.

Best of luck, OP! You're gonna need it (definitely more ways than one ...). Smh. Actually, some one-night-stands try to take the condom back off (esp. doggy-style) when the gal isn't looking (eg, WikiLeaks' Julian Assange), but this doesn't seem to be one of those cases.

Oh I hope that kid doesn’t get daddy’s brains. Had he said something to you, there were things that could have been done to try to help prevent this situation.

It’s his fault. If he told her that it broke, the situation could’ve been prevented.

I hope he's a better daddy than a boyfriend, if you decide to keep it.

mythili 7

hello pls take care of yourself. sending all sorts of luck your way