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Today, yet again, I had to dye my hair brown in advance of the new school year, because my school doesn't allow "unapproved" colors, even if they're natural. FML
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CodieMotionless 2

What color is your hair naturally? ._.

Sparks808 10

They can't make you dye your hair... That doesn't make sense or seem right at all. You go to a religious school or something? Which still doesn't make sense considering that's the color God gave you. FYL.


CodieMotionless 2

What color is your hair naturally? ._.

OhDearBetrayal 25

I was thinking OP's natural hair color is blue.

Blue hair would be ******* boss. Anyone seen Eureka 7?

ObsessedWithGays 7

Man, I really hate schools like that. It kind of goes against freedom of expression. I've had blue hair, purple hair, pink hair, you name it. My school didn't give 2 *****. I don't see how it would affect your learning.

me234 7

The theory behind it is that other people will be distracted.

Laurenlou 24

I go to a school like that. It's because they want everyone to look "uniform" and not have the teens tease each other over their hair color or whatever. It's also because at my private school, they think any rule they have goes, just because "they can," and they personally feel that it is against their religion. It's the stupidest crap ever.

Take comfort that they aren't checking to make sure the carpet matches the drapes.

You could go to an urban school as long as you pass the metal detectors and have ID they dont care and gang colors but that's it

My mom's natural hair color is medium brown with a huge bright blonde (sometimes almost even white) streak right through the front. Sometimes, strict schools don't allow any highlights or streaks in kid's hair, so this maybe the case for OP and the school only allows one solid all over color.

Fishinaddict22 1

37- YES!! I miss that show so much. I used to catch it on adultswim before all these crappy shows invaded.

Agreed. School rules like this example really don't make much sense. The only reason they are there is to show the students who's boss.

It's funny because if I had to go to a school like that I wouldn't even have an education. Pink/purple/red hair since I was eight years old, facial piercing's since I was 13 years old and dark mark tattoo on my left forearm since I was 16. No schools I've attended to have said anything negative about it, just compliments from various teachers. And as I'm going through higher secondary school with quite good grades, I wouldn't say it has affected my studies at all. Let's just say I'm very happy Norway isn't a freaky religious country. c:

You need a metal detector to go to school? Wow, that's a trusting school. My school sent my brother home claiming having a Mohawk was affecting his learning, but sending him home and not letting him come back until it was sorted was affecting his learning more.. People got moaned at for red hair until everyone had red hair. I understand why it's a big problem because sometimes it makes a school look bad if someone has every colour of the rainbow in their hair, plus people can get picked on or stared at for being different.

CetaBabe 17

It's not just hair colours that schools go mad for. I used to get in trouble all the time for apparently having a Perm done to my hair.... It's naturally curly and just looks like that, but you try telling the schools that.

CetaBabe 17

And the fact that my hair would go from medium brown to almost blonde where the sun bleached it in the summer... they hated that, almost got suspended at one point for "Continually mocking the system by reguarly breaking the uniform rules" .... even my mother told them where to stick it.

AClassActx3 7

Sooo these schools are basically saying we arent compotent enough to withstand learning without being distracted by hair colors. Basically like our attention span is so low that it would make us focus soley on peoples hair color, piercings etc instead of learning? I am a creative person, & I believe the 1st amendment freedom of speech goes hand & hand with this. Its self expression.. Yes some colors are a bit out there & ridiculous but the judging of it affecting learning is stupid. Very close minded.

Oh My God!!! That is EXACTLY how my school is! Weird

AClassAct, it's not just about being distracted by bright colours, if some kids have unusually coloured hair it's something for other kids to use against them. Like the reason behind the idea of a uniform, if all the kids are dressed the same then they can't pick on other kids because they're not in on the latest fashions and brands. Yes the effort would be better put in explaining that we shouldn't judge people on these kind of things, but having a uniform is easier and can be monitored more easily.

I like your user name, Codi. Motionless in White is awesome

rofflewaffle 9

I went to high school with a girl who had skin pigmentation problems. She had some white spots on her arms and one at the top of her forehead going back to the top of her head, which made her hair grow solid white in that spot. It was naturally black, but because her hair wouldn't hold pigment she couldn't even dye it. A lot of people teased her because they thought she bleached it on purpose. Maybe it's something similar with OP? Also, my boyfriend is Asian and his hair is so jet black that it looks navy blue under bright sunlight. Could be like that as well.

I don't mean to sound rude but probably really light blonde!

You'd think they'd teach students to respect others no matter how they look instead of teaching people they have to look a certain way in order to not be bullied.

I wear what i want and look how I wanna look cause i dont care what anyone thinks of how i look and i dont care how others look its not the looks of people its their personalitys that matter

They'd never heard of naturally curly hair?? Maybe they're the ones that need an education...

pablopoo 7

Who wants to be the same as everybody else???? We are not cattle we are human and being different is what makes us what we are.

They just started showing it on toonami. ****** love it so far

CantusVulpis 12

I kinda thought it was bleach blonde naturally.... Which would actually be kinda cool! :D

I would date her right now if she was from anime...

Sparks808 10

They can't make you dye your hair... That doesn't make sense or seem right at all. You go to a religious school or something? Which still doesn't make sense considering that's the color God gave you. FYL.

#2 I go to a Catholic school and it's policy is strictly no dye. Catholics always have the view of being made by God so it is natural. #3 Completely agree

coughyochick 7

If she's a ginger then God didn't give her a soul

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I go to a public school with the same "no unnatural hair colors/colors that draw attention" rule. It's just because it's an exemplary school. I've never seen anyone who got in trouble for their natural hair color, but a lot of girls who dye their hair red get in trouble if it doesn't look "natural" enough.

10- i went to catholic school. my school wasn't big on dye but my one friend went from blonde to red and they were okay with that. Just no two tones or wild colors.

51 my high school was like that. I also started getting grey in around the age if 15. I would have to dye it for school because the way it grew in didn't look natural. I end up with pure white streaks. It would have fallen under attracting attention even though it was natural, much like op is dealing with.

I feel for you 55. However, of my hair started doing that, I would dye it regardless of my school's policies..

51- I go to a public school too but our halls are roaming with girls with blue hair

66, most public schools allow it. I go to a very strict public school.

I got in trouble once for dying my hair brown (natural colour) before I coloured it I had blonde with half dark regrowth :| apparently I was supposed to look stupid until the blonde grew out.

hollya17 6

Some schools are just ridiculously strict. I go to a public school and we can only have natural colors. We also cannot paint our fingernails black or wear shorts/Capri pants, or wear big earrings.And if our pants have holes we get sent home. It's crazy.

Actually 63, it looked like a cool frost job at the time. So it didn't bother me much. I usually do weird things to my hair anyway. Now it needs to stay dyed.

128, from what I can see to your pictures it actually gives a really cool "frosty husky" look. Sucks they make you dye it out.

I dyed my hair purple before going into year 11, first day back the head teacher took me to her office and said if I didn't dye my hair to a natural colour by the end of the week I'd be expelled. Not just suspended, expelled. In my GCSE year... school rules are stupid sometimes. It's worse when the teachers have it out for you for no particular reason and allow other students to have other bright colours!

So let me get this straight. They believe that what they are telling you is so boring that you'll be distracted by shiny colors? Shouldn't they be doing something about their own curriculum at that point?

Public schools will back off if you threaten to (or do) contact the ACLU. Search the googlez, the ACLU has been adamant that forcing students to dye their hair is unconstitutional (freedom of expression).

CaroAurelia 12

Weird. I went to a Catholic school and you were allowed to dye your hair as long as it looked natural. It just had to be a color that naturally occurred. You could even have highlights as long as they were blonde or something and not, like, firetruck red.

nikita_4234 15

I went to one of these schools. They will make you dye your hair if it is not blonde, brown/black or naturally red.

Um, isn't that equivalent to denying someone because they're black?

Hair color isn't a protected class under the constitution. Therefore, they can discriminate all they want, no matter how dumb it is.

BunBunBabe 8
LO388 7

If its the natural hair color I would think it'd be protected...

28 - The only federally protected classes are race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, familial status, disability, veteran status and genetic predispositions to disorders and diseases. Each of these can also depend on the situation (a school can be male only, a housing development can be seniors only, etc.)

Being a ginger is kind of a disorder/disease

JOcoco 14

43 - I think it would fall under genetic predispositions...just saying.

JOcoco 14

43 - I think it would fall under genetic predispositions...wouldn't it? 69 - That's offensive. To both gingers and yourself.

It says genetic predispositions to diseases and disorders... Those few other words make the difference!

84 - I suppose there are some who would consider ginger mutations to be a disease/disorder.

Is your hair naturally Wendy's girl red? Or white blonde? That seems like a really stupid rule.

meggy2010 5

I actually know of a family where the mother is black and the father is white with copper red hair. They had five kids together, and each one of the kids came out black with copper red hair. The school made the kids dye their hair because they got so much attention and would get complaints about how it was "unfair".

There's a girl in my school with hair so blonde it's a shade away from white. My school lets her keep her natural color though. *shrug*

She probably is because I've had white hair since I was 12 and my school made me dye it.

imavelociraptor 6

What? why??? There are plenty of girls in my school with either natural or dyed platinum blonde hair. Some even have green or blue or pink hair....

im thinking more likely red, since red growing into brown when her roots show will look more natural and it is easier to cover red with brown than bleaching it. if it was platinum blond it would look more natural dying it a darker blond rather than brown...

challan 19

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That type of stereotyping is what's wrong with the world. **** you nazi

BradTheBrony 19

We all know jokes exi- oh wait, no. #156 seems to have not gotten the memo.

yeahreally 6

thats weird. Unless you have like randomly discolored hair due to a condition i dont see where this would happen. and even so, your school is ******

You should find a loophole and use it, just to piss them off. ;) But honestly, unless you're a ******* pixy, I doubt your hair is 'naturally' purple.

Sane thing happened to me when I used to go to an academy. In response I just went bald, a pretty much big "fck you" to the school administration. This wasn't "against" school rules, cause it never said anything about hair styles.

Yup :) They got so angry/ dumbfounded they gave me a wig to wear. Guess who decided to make it an Afro? Ahh, my pre-pubescent years were fun.

coughyochick 7

It wasn't your hair (since you're probably a ginger). Its that, they don't want kids to fear that you don't have a soul.