By xXRowynXx - 05/09/2010 19:20 - Canada

Today, I bleached my hair for the new school year. Instead of blonde, it came out orange, making my hair look like a bloated pumpkin. FML
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meganlizzi 0

that's why u go to a salon and have a pro do it


Tasanasanta 0

yeah I had the same thing once. probably didnt leave the bleach in long enough.

you're a fool for trying to bleach your hair youself

that's why I don't dye my hair at home. unlucky op xx

Kristennx3 0

FYL. Hahaaha. That's what you get for dyeing your hair

I feel like I have heard this before....

I dated a girl who kept dying her hair. She was originally a brunette, but kept bleaching and dying it, and now it's a strange pale color.

jrojas211 0

your lucky Cartman isn't around!!!!

ehh . bleach blond hair looks bad anyways

KelceyLoves 0

I bleached part of my own hair and it turned blonde... I used a cheap one, too and it worked great. My hair isn't even hay-like!!

soozjw 2

Hmm, that's what patch test are for. Doh!

gaga_ooh_lala 0

thats what happened when my mother in law did my hair but its easily fixed once you put on a stronger bleach. luckily we were at her salon :-) not a total fml since it could be easily fixed

twinny_sc 13

That happened to my friend like 3 years ago. We still call her pumpkin head.

obviously the only answer is to do what she wants about it. I didn't have to shave my head when I bleached my hair so don't preach what you don't practice.

tweetbaby14 18

if anyone asks just say "I saw a tired oompa loompa and decided to let him sit on my head."

If it came out orange, you propably already had black dye in your hair. I'll have to say YDI for trying to bleach black hair to blonde. Black is the worst color you could possibly put in your hair since it's so hard to remove. Anyway, you should dye them a beautiful dark and rich brown cause blonde is overrated :3

Next time do it a month BEFORE school, so you have time to fix/grow out what you screw up

aholeguy 0

157 Boooooooo ahahaha not only are you illogical, and gets fml's deleted when you look like a complete idjyot but your not funny either!

SettoFail 9

that always happens when dark-haired people bleach their hair, after you bleach it you have to go buy actual hair dye to fix it. duh.

alsnyder12 0

I think the bloated pumpkin part is your own fault

jearojas 4

it's not that bad. some people can pull it off. look at Hayley Williams from Paramore.

tweetbaby14 18

213- what is an idjiot? please give me the name of your dealer! reatards like you are bugging the hell out of me, and it's becoming too much.

I feel your pain too. I tried to have my hair died with red strips a few years ago. It was red alright, till I shower it off. All my enemies in school called me Naruto wana be, which kinda piss me off. 1. I dislike that show... 2. read my nick name

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89 your hot OMG first day of school as a ginger your life is ruined

147 - What do you think? It's posted on FML... she isn't happy about it... do you think it looks good? Hmmm...

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haha Metallica!!!! I think Death Magnetic is the best album, that one and ReLoad.

dude reload and death magnetic are two of the worst metallica albums and load and tons of others. everything after the early 90s suck

MetalFish 0

Everything except St Anger, Load and ReLoad is acceptable.

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at least you wont need to buy the full pumkin costume..

lotuspod 0

I like few songs on all metallic albums but you know what they say opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they stink

dude death magnetic, justice and master are the best albums evar, my fave songs from those albums are, suicide and redemption, one/dyers eve and battery

st anger is rediculously retarded, the vocals are shit theyre just words commimg out of james hetfields mouth, but i do like the intros to every song plus i think that st anger and frantic are alright

sourgirl101 28

I saw them tour with "Lamb of God"! "...And Justice for All" and "Ride the Lightning" are my favorites!

sammehsaurus 0

I think Death Magnetic just sucks lol. But lucky you for getting to see them anyway:P I almost went:/

and what i mean by words comming out of james' mouth is that they have no meaning, they are badly put together with the song and pointless, let me explain "kill kill kill kill kill kill"

just leave it at "ride the lightning" is the best

MetalFish 0

St. Anger has a few good heavy riffs in it, but the terrible vocals mixed with terrible lyrics = fail Lars' detached snare = Fail + tinnitus for the listener No Kirk solos = Fail No cool basslines = Fail Songs that go on WAY to long and get boring = Fail Even MetallicA themselves basically said St. Anger = Fail There are one or two songs off Load and ReLoad that are good and I wouldn't complain if the albums where on in the background but sitting on the bus or lying in bed concentrating on the music is when these albums aren't that good In My Opinion, the tracks just lack something

apparentley the songs sounded better without the solos so they didnt put them in, i reckon that when they finnished st anger it felt to them like an assignment youve just finnished and re read at the last minute then said to your self "shit" but then handed it in anyway in the hopes of passing

St. anger sucks, my personal favorite is master but that's just an opinion

bishhitsandii 3

Wait a couple weeks, bleach it again, and use either a toner or a violet shampoo to het rid of the brassy tones. If you use a toner, you'll get rid of them immediately, but I think you'll also have to reapply later. I don't remember. It's been too long since I was a blonde.

birdmansangel 0

she could also use a toner now to lift out the orange

bishhitsandii 3

Depending on the color blonde she wants, that's true. However, if her hair looks to be the same color orange as a pumpkin, it likely wouldn't turn out the way she wants.

besides a violet shampoo, blonde dyes with violet or blue undertones will counteract the orange.

meganlizzi 0

that's why u go to a salon and have a pro do it

exactly. op deserved it for trying to bleach their hair themselves. they obviously had no idea how to do it properly.

Because everyone has the money to do that..

r83839 22

If you don't have the money to get it done at a salon, you probably shouldn't be spending $ on hair dye to begin with. The cost of fixing her hair at a salon will now be more than it would've cost to do it right at a salon the first time.

atleast you don't have to buy a costume for Halloween. WTF my comments don't show up

Hey at least you have your own image!

LMAO that's what you get for being so cheap and not wanting to go to a salon ydi

When did op say she didn't go to the salon?

I'm not a expert on these types of things, but i'm sure there is a slight risk even if you do go to a salon.

JustReina 0

yeah they do make mistakes! they burned my friends scalp abd some of her hair came out! so yeah

Usually, when people say "I bleached my hair" it implies that they did it by themselves. This doesn't mean that she actually did it by herself, though. On the flip side, most people would say that they "went to get their hair bleached" or something, but it still doesn't imply they went to a salon. A friend could have done it. Also, it is possible for a salon to mess up. It's unlikely they'll mess up that badly, but it's still possible.

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She doesnt look like a raccoon. although highly shopped images are a bit 'common'. I dont mean to sound snobbish, sorry :) ImaginaryVoice, You're cute yourself :)

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Do you keep them as pets in Canada? Oh wait that's polar bears...

MetalFish 0

#118 you live in France, your opinion is invalid.

JillianlikesVogu 0

Gah, you've got me probably doesn't help that Im originally from London, either..

lovesteph3523 0

there are no polar bears in toronto

MetalFish 0

#120 London is a hell hole, WHY it is the capital of our country i'll never know... the Queen could just MOVE house like the rest of us :p

lotuspod 0

so it's not just Americans who don't know shit about Canada. and she doesn't look anything close like a raccoon

JillianlikesVogu 0

138- I was being sarcastic on both acounts.

She doesn't look like a raccoon; she looks plastic and fake. Please lay off the makeup and photoshop. Also, we don't keep polar bears or raccoons as pets in Canada. We keep beavers. Geez, guys, get it right. :/

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I think she's cute. What about me, do you think I'm cute?

lovesteph3523 0

156, sorry,* you're* not my mom.* Didn't claim to be. Just stating what I, along with many others on here, think.

lovesteph3523 0

Go ahead and say it. You are just sitting there judging me by my looks. You don't even know me as a person.

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180 I think you're really pretty:) and 5t3ff1k4h is just being bitchy. Haha

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woa woa woa, did someone make a polar bear joke? at least it wasn't penguin. fucktards. Alaska and Canada for the win. :) and 145, you look like a she-devil. I think you calling her a racoon was a compliment.

180- I think you are very pretty, and I like your makeup! Some people have to pick on others so they can feel better about themselves. So sad.....

Actually, orange hair is much more awesome than blonde, which is rather average.