By Anonymous - 13/08/2012 18:48 - United Kingdom - Goole

Today, I was feeling really down, so I texted my boyfriend, hoping to get some emotional support. He texted me back twenty minutes later, asking for nude pictures. FML
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Send a picture of a nude GUY from google ;) see how he likes that lol


That's because the nice girls who put the good guys in the friend zone find out they have a douche for a bf. then they cry about it on FML and get a new douche. Sad but true.

dominic1221 6

I knew some bitter kid would show up eventually crying about being "friend zoned." Look, it's FML, you really think girls are gonna come here bragging about having a decent guy? No. So like, be satisfied with being a friend, and find someone who's happy for you to put your **** inside them. Problem solved.

35- The "good" guys are after the same thing as every other guy. The only difference is that the other guys tend not to force guilt complexes and shame on the girls they want to sleep with. No guy is a "good" guy if they think that a girl deserves to be miserable for not going out with them. God I hate nice guy syndrome... If a girl doesn't go out with you, you're not her type. That doesn't mean she only likes douche bags. Find someone else! *angry rant mode off*

This may sound crazy, but some guys actually care about more than boning a girl.

noelykins1 19

Yeaaaah, I am totally after the same thing as every guy, that's why my girlfriend and I have been going out for a year, we are both 18, and very much in love and we are both still virgins. We are pretty damn proud of it and honestly I am overjoyed to have a girl I can talk to about anything and I could honestly not care less that I'm not "getting any."

76- You're cute but you clearly have no idea what you're missing out on. I think you'll change your mind soon enough... And anyway I never said that wanting sex was a bad thing. I just said that hiding behind a false sense of morality in order to get laid is a very bad thing.

Obviously, you need a more caring boyfriend. That was selfish and inconsiderate of him to do. Unless he didn't get your text, but that is unlikely. Sorry OP

Send a picture of a nude GUY from google ;) see how he likes that lol

Inheritance 10

Typical male not to care for his girls well being.. Thank god I'm not anything like him.

Way to not be a stereotyping sexist, 41.

"You never said the nude pictures had to be of ME!"

3, when my best friend had creeper guys asking for naked pics, she would send these guys a pic of a dude who tucked his dick and balls away. It really looked like it was a girl 'til she would send another naked pic of the guy with his face. Worked every time :-).

Can I just ask why you're using a stolen pic of a girl who died in a car crash two years ago? That girl was called Katie Babyfayce, a famous scene queen. Don't you think it's kind of distasteful to impersonate a dead person?

mewpawmika 5

She's actually not dead... It's just a rumor. However, that is indeed Katie Babyfayce, not "Chrystal".

A7X_LoVeee 10

Typed in 'Katie Babyfayce' into Google and what do you know? Same picture on the 1st page. I lol'd. I will never understand why people fake their pictures. Chrystal, perhaps you could enlighten me?

Quiet guys your drive the attention ***** back into her cave

When you feel down, you call your girlfriends and also call Ben & Jerry.

I like the cookie dough kind. *forever alone*

Text him back a picture of a Michelangelo piece. If he isn't going to be sympathetic, that's the best he'll get.

That was unexpected. But I think that your boyfriend just wanted some sexy times. Cause sexy times seems to be an useful emotional anesthesia; releasing all those pleasure hormones and whatnot

You should have sent him a picture of a banana and the finger!

Sounds like you need to upgrade your boyfriend. Perhaps he's the cause of the down mood.

I think there is a gaping hole in your logic. Every dog is naturally nude.