By Fmyhair - 27/04/2009 18:39 - Norway

Today, I colored my hair. It was supposed to turn out blonde, but it became more a mix of red and brown and blonde patches. When I tried coloring everything back, a green tint was added. My hair is at the moment red, brown, blonde and green. FML
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Are you sure you're not a natural blonde?

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read the box next time.


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read the box next time.

you could pull it off as sone like new age proto-punk thing

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That's why you never try to go from brunette to blonde on your own. Leave it to the professionals! You sound like you're going to mess up your hair with all that dying and then having to get it fixed.

the father of my unborn child has hair that is mermaid red, black, and bleach blonde. on purpose. supposed to look like the german flag or something, but the black faded to blue so now he's just american.

Mermaid red is an awesome name for a soda!

oh no!!! i guess go to a professional place...

Are you sure you're not a natural blonde?

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lmao number 2.

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This is why you should leave that s**t to the professionals.

exactly what I was thinking. op deserves this a lot.

That must look freakin amazing!!! I want my hair to look like that

dont look down on this situation. Think positive, you could be a clown!

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She is not a clown, we must call her Autumn

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lol #5 That is a true blonde move right there.

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that's why you either read the box or go to a professional. there are certain levels and all that bs that goes with certain color of hair. and uh, when adding blonde to red and brown, you have to do something to it first before putting on blonde.