By millie219 - 13/08/2012 15:20 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, my mother screamed at my boyfriend, calling him an "evil piece of self-centred trash". He's a sweet guy who does volunteer work for kids with learning difficulties. She's a bitter, passive-aggressive telemarketer who constantly harasses her own family with sales calls. FML
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until they shoot you because you're so freaking annoying

I mean, until you 'accidentally' die because your son missed during his target practice....

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I think the main part of the FML was what the mom said to the boyfriend, not the fact that she calls her family.

Gee, how i love those thumb downs! (^o^)/

OP You take that back she's a nice old lady who loves her family! Lulz

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In case you didn't realize, i'm trolling every last person who thumbed me down. I actually embrace thumbs downs. Im the FML guy who says stupid things on FML to watch (or read) the reactions. Congrats. Youve just furthered my unofficial career. ™™™™™

Anyone want to thumb me down now? Its really a win win situation for me if you do or dont

Knowing that, he probably didn't take it to heart, considering she's clearly wrong.

On the contrary, it's actually rather surprising how deeply the mind can be affected by comments from any source directed towards the owner. Even when a clearly deranged, complete stranger hurls an insult at you, you'll still feel uncomfortable to some degree - and in this case, it's his girlfriend's mother. I don't know about you, but I would definitely care about the opinion of my girlfriend's family members, crazy or not.

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She's just a jealous bitch who hates her life. You should call her at 3 am and tell you she has been randomly entered into contest and won a free cruise across Russia in a deep Indian voice.

Op, this should be your boyfriend's fml.

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OP should have that shit on speed dial lol

And op tell her I don't want to ****ing refinance! I'm 17 for cryin out loud!

Haha sounds about right to me. No one likes telemarketers. They call at the worst times on pourpose.

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You sir, said exactly what I was thinking!:D. Madea ftw!

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Evelyn Harper of the telemarketing world ._.

4- + 10 internets to you for creativity. (standing ovation)

She doesnt sound "passive" agressive

Sounds like there's a lot more to the story...

Or... Some people are just bitter and angry.

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Yeah, sounds like he might not be that sweet.

Just because a guy is sweet and does volunteering, doesn't make him perfect. He'd have the same flaws as anyone, and perhaps OP's mother is just being (very) vocal about it. And OP's mum might be a utter bitch... Or maybe OP is actually a silly teenager, who is just raging because her mother doesn't approve of her bf. There's just obviously more to the story.

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Wow, I bet you feel so morally superior, being able to make retarded and baseless assumptions about OP. Just cause you can, doesn't mean you should. Some people are just total ******* assholes. You're one of them.

Well holy shit 55. Calm down before you get a hernia.

Talking about snap judgements, 55, you just decided someone was a '******* asshole' based on a short paragraph of text. There's clearly more to this story.

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Based on actual words and proof. I guess it hurts to get that attitude thrown back at you, hey? But okay, I'll just end it here, cause making shit up about OP just to feel bigger than them is more fun for you guys than working with the actual information given. I'm not gonna be able to convince you otherwise.

I think the argument isn't the Op's mother is perfect or that Op's boyfriend has some flaws (which is true, even sweet people can sometimes get frustrated or tell the wrong joke) but that there is more to the story we should hear. We don't know what Op's mom is yelling about, or what Op's boyfriend said before that. However, I will say that Op's dictation does not sound like a teenager. But Op's boyfriend is not perfect and you should not assume that one perspective is the ONLY perspective. My boyfriend is sweet, kind, fun, amusing, and me. To other people who piss him off or try to tell him what to do he rips a new one. He is sarcastic and kind of an asshole to the rest of the world. So where my perspective is that he is a charming, loving boyfriend, everyone else sees him as a dick. So even if Op's boyfriend volunteers and is sweet to her, he might be the world's biggest prick. A lot of charming, sweet people turn out to be child molesters and murderers because people trusted them and didn't think anything was wrong. I am not saying Op's boyfriend is any of these things, but perspective is not always reality.

Thankyou 87, that's exactly what I was trying to say! :) And 88, I definitely agree

I sidetrack and prank the **** out of telemarketers just for the hell of it. You call me, you face the consequences.

I like asking complex questions or questions they aren't ready for. Makes them angry and flustered. My sister was in the habit of placing the phone on the counter if they asked for my father. She'd tell them to hold on while she got him and then come back ten minutes later...telemarketer averted. My brother would just talk to the telemarketer, continuously, about random subjects. Wouldn't let the poor soul have a word in edgewise. They usually just hung up on him. I know that they're people just doing their job, but the amount of telemarketers who call is absolutely ridiculous.

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.. I can't stand when people write books for comments. -_-

What sort of low standards do you have that 8 lines is a "book." If you are too lazy to read comments, why are you on a website that is 2/3rd comments.

All I can say is... Good luck OP. I wish you the best.

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She sounds like a lovely woman..