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Today, while working as a manager at a restaurant, the "All employees must wash hands" sign in the bathroom was stolen. Now my employees won't wash their hands because they "don't have to." FML
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...that says "WASH YOUR GODDAMNED HANDS, OR I'LL DOCK YOUR PAY! Have a nice day! :)"


...that says "WASH YOUR GODDAMNED HANDS, OR I'LL DOCK YOUR PAY! Have a nice day! :)"

You are an employee at a place that serves food. Washing your hands should be a given! Idiots!

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Lock the doors to the washrooms! No using of washrooms, no need to wash hands!

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Or OP can just stand in the bathroom and physically force them to wash their hands before exiting.

The issue is that op is managing a bunch of idiots - do these people have any common sense?! Op shouldn't have to make another sign to ORDER them wash their hands! Just because the sign has gone doesn't mean they don't have to.

If I were the manager why not threaten to fire them? Just because there's no sign they still have to listen to the manager

Manager must make blood sacrifice! First whiner to not wash their hands gets in trouble. Then look around and see who still feels like being funny. Since everyone knows this common sense rule, they're all just ganging up to mess with you. Comedy is fine. Health risks aren't. Use your powers of coercion to be responsible. Like a boss!

Yeah.... Then who's gonna make sure the lazy idiots are working. Of they are too lazy to wash their hands they are to lazy to do their job without constant supervision

28- if your work in a food establishment you need to be washing your hands Alot so locking it would be as dumb as telling them to feed the customers with their hands. And 49 that is an extremely stupid idea if they're a manager then they can't just stand in the bathroom the entire day they have work to do...

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What restaurant is this so I don't go there

How the hell do they steal one of those? Every sign I have seen like that is like a Bumper Sticker attached to the wall... I work at a Pizza place, don't touch the Pizzas and was my hands every 10 minutes.

I know when I worked at McDonald's I had to sign papers- in those papers were health and safety laws I had to sign that I'd agree to follow or else I could be suspended or terminated... If your work doesn't do that, then you need to work at a less shady restaurant. All restaurants are strongly suggested to do this in Ontario. If they don't start following the health and safety laws, it's a restaurant, lots of people need jobs. Replace their dumbasses.

57 - I couldn't agree more. I'm not usually the "do this or you're terminated" type manager, but when it comes to the lovely joys of foodborne illness outbreaks, I'm pretty sure "Hygiene or Fired" is appropriate.

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Hey he could have been typing that comment while the other submitted it. Don't be so hard on him. :) As for you, OP, I suggest threatening to fire all of them. Although hand-washing should be considered a given.......

Yeah dude! A whole second before!! You must be missing arms to type something in more than a second

Stop downvoting, he was one Behind...

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Ya, my iPod was running slowly

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183 has a great point! Yes, it is a pain in the ass to train new employees but isn't it illegal not to wash your hands, if you work at a restaurant? That's what the signs say here in CA. Plus, makes you wonder if their employees wash their hands after going to the bathroom outside of work. Gross!

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Don't hate on him look at the times they all wrote this. It's all the same exact time

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Agreed. The Peter principle truly rules this place!

OP only said someone stole the sign and no one is washing their hands. They could have just found this out. You don't know what they did about the situation. How morons like you have the audacity to judge people you don't even know amazes me.

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Never seen one of boners' comments get thumbed down.

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What??????? What does this mean? Licking their fingers, that's just nasty.

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Sarcasm shoots over most peoples heads now adays.

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That's just nasty O.o remind me not to go there...

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Your cute ^.^ but too young -.-

Ahaha, I was thinking the same thing. Except for the age part... Lol

Girls girls girls... Oh arg! Wash your hands immediately and stop looking at his picture!

Hahaha. I think you are just jealous my friend.

Stop, before he pops an uncontrollable boner.

92) because she was attacked by a giant unicorn dressed as a bear that was trained to kick down doors, and you weren't.

Oh, sorry I forgot about my jealousy of unicorn bear door kickers. Please ignore my last comment. I was way out of line there. Sincerely Untrained Ninja whisper MD.

I was kinda being sarcastic... But sure, we'll say that happened to me.

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julygirl18 8

Two years older doesn't matter :P

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Fml..the hot new dating website. Hahaha.

If I saw the sign gone as a customer, I would leave.

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I remember at McDonald's some huge guy that worked there come out of a stall and didn't wash his hands. Needless to say I sure as hell didn't order food from that place.

The day after I saw the cafeteria lady at my school not washing her hands after using the bathroom, I never ordered something from the caf again, yuck.

If I saw the sign gone, which I probably wouldn't take note of in the first place, I'd assume the employees wouldn't be stupid enough to actually not wash their hands due to a lack of sign.

They're big boys and girls. They should understand how important it is to wash their hands since they work with food. That's disgusting that they think it's "okay" to not wash their hands because of a SIGN. I bet one of them stole it... FYL

Ex = ew, just disgusting, like you said working with food makes washing your hands an obligation.

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I agree. I'll never understand why people don't. I'll be in a public bathroom and some people will just walk right out. It's gross and takes 30 seconds of your time.

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If they are working with food they still need gloves

Well it's just common sense to wash your hands even when there isn't a sign!

I once saw a sign that said "wash your hands". Under it, written with god knows what, was "MAKE ME."

Yeah, probably. Needless to say, I'm never going back to McDon--*sniped by Ronald McDonald*

Ohh that's just nasty ( Cleveland voice )