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Today, while at work, I went to unlock the washroom for a customer. Normally we don't allow customers to use the staff washrooms, so I was as surprised as the guy I found sitting on the toilet when I opened the door. FML
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You probably scared the shit out of him.

Isn't this why stores often have washrooms for the customers.


Isn't this why stores often have washrooms for the customers.

That and because if you don't you're an asshole

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18- Well when I read washroom I thought of a room for washing clothes not a bathroom. Well until OP walked in on a guy on the toilet :p

What about a "powder room"? Not everyone is familiar with different terms.

To those who are obviously American, we call them public toilets, toilets, long drops, out houses, shitters, porcelain bus. "I need to go snap one off in the long drop, and afterwards I will wash the shit off my hands in the bathroom." A bathroom is where the shower, BATH - hence why it is called a bathroom and sink are. Yes washroom can in fact be a laundry where the washing is done. I hope I cleared some things up for those of you who prey on people who ask polite questions because they legitimately do not know.

While I'm sure some appreciate that you clarified the different words for toilet, I don't think the comment saying the people questioning the different phrases are "obviously Americans" was necessary.

people argue about the stupidest things here...

Stazza that was painful to read out loud.

Do you not have your toilets and showers in the same room?

You probably scared the shit out of him.

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I'm going to cry. That was funnier than most of the FMLs from today.

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You could have tried knocking, OP:)

No one was supposed to be there, and OP had the key. Why woul she even Think of knocking.

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I guess I just don't understand, because couldn't there have been another staff member in there? And they could have locked the door from the inside?

yeah I've hard time understanding this fml too.

To my way of thinking, the staff bathroom must have had a door accessible to the public, hence the lock. When they opened the door and found a person there, I'm assuming there was only one toilet. This would explain one key and the shock of someone being in there when you have the key in your hand.

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Staff bathrooms? Don't you have customer bathrooms instead of having to let customers in

OP probably works in a small convenience store which generally don't have public rest rooms. Which is probably the cause of all the public urination that occurs in my city.

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I would be extremely weirded out... How'd he get in there in the first place? Dun dun dun...

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Me know why! He ninja! teehee!

You're just annoying. The whole "me know why" and "teehee" isn't cute. What's worse is that you wrote that for both of your comments on both FMLs. I refuse to believe you're 24 as stated in your profile. It's insulting to others of that generation.

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I know. I'm bored and it's hilarious how upset people can get over something so trivial.

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#12 24? I'm seeing 58 years of age. Not that it makes any more sense...

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This guy has some serious skills, taking a shit in secret is unheard of in public. Give this man an award.

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My guess is an employee left it open accidentally.