By lexithepirate - 27/07/2012 09:24 - United States

Today, I had a doctor's appointment. I left with referrals to both a dermatologist and a mental health professional. FML
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VooDooCarrie91 19

I know that skin conditions also take a toll on your self esteem. Hang in here, OP.


VooDooCarrie91 19

I know that skin conditions also take a toll on your self esteem. Hang in here, OP.

MrKrustyKrab 0

Why doesn't FML approves all my posts :( Anyways, cheer up OP!

Shhhh!!! Don't tell OP to "hang in there"! What if they're suicidal?

the_anti_hipster 7

26, cut it out! Take a chill pill. Sorry, too much?

Lets end it all. The suicide talk that is.

Dr0reos 8

I hear proactive does wonders for those voices in your head that are telling you to dismember people

1, Maybe it is that guy's fiance, whom has OCD, and her doctor pointed it out? (Recent FML reference.)

may651 14

It's ok op. things will get better.

Oh yeah? That itch isn't going to go away on its own. That's what's making OP crazy. Scratch baby, scratch.

I'm anything but plain Incredibly insane I lost my mind a while back When I fell out of a tree Got kidnapped by a bee And eaten by a Snorlax. You know you're psychotically bored when you write a full song about how crazy You are.

Oh my god! That was ******* hilarious!!!!!

TxCountryBeauty 10

Are those the actual lyrics? I've never payed attention, I only know the "insane in the membrane..." etc part.

Take a one on the flam boy yo temper just toss that ham in the frying pan...

At least you didnt get attacked by a sea rhinoceros..... Yet.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Well if you do happen to get attacked by a sea-rhinoceros, at least make sure you're wearing your anti-sea-rhinoceros underpants.

Now that's a first. Never heard that before. What you do anyway?

Well at least you're not letting things fester.

The skin condition or the mental issues?

Fyl, it's not your fault. Hopefully they will be able to help you!

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. You have work to do.

perdix 29

He's just drumming up business for his buddies. Don't worry about it -- everyone loves your crazy, pimply ass :D !!!