By LesToiliettes - 25/03/2012 07:12 - United States - Mount Vernon

Today, was the first day of my new job. My boss admitted that they hadn't cleaned the employee bathroom for over two months. My first task: clean the employee bathroom. FML
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Atleast you got a new job in this economy.


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What a shitty reply to a reply actually it was pretty funny

28 --- y r u wearing a nun costume if ur NOT a NUN

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23 - what a shitty looking face

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32- Maybe because she wants to.. Are you the Nun Police? Are you the super hero that busts all the fake Nuns? If you are not in that really cool scenario, then stop asking questions! Besides... Nun costumes are pretty cool.. Who doesn't wanna wear a Nun costume? Lol

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I think 28 is wearing the traditional Muslim hijab head scarf. Not a nun costume.

32, you are so ignorant. She's not wearing a nun costume. It's not even a costume at all. It's called a hijab, or a scarf. If you dont even know what that is, go google it and learn something new.

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How ignorant of you guys to think that's a costume

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Costume: 4. a set of garments, especially women's garments, selected for wear at a single time; outfit; ensemble. IT IS A COSTUME!!!

Don't care, #70. Quit spamming and jump off a bridge.

Don't care, #70. Quit spamming and jump off a bridge.

That happened to me b4 except it had been 5 months since someone had cleaned tge bathroom bcuz only guys worked there....

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

Atleast you got a new job in this economy.

Shitty job opportunities and cars giving away free peanuts, things are looking up.

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And people forgetting to clean their private areas, things are starting to really look up from way down here!

"Work hard in school and you wont have to get a job pulling crap out of the hairdresser's blocked toilet." Then they wonder why those who worked hard in school wont accept jobs pulling crap out of a hairdresser's blocked toilet. Yes, I did know someone whose main duty at the hairdresser's was to pull the crap out of the toilet after a weekly client shat in it.

Let me guess........ Op is a janitor

You know I found out if Americans made the iPads that Apple sells it would cost close to $14,000 because of our minimum wage law. And because companies are greedy bastards they pass the paying of the labor into the cost of the product.

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Looks like someone went on a down voting spree...

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Congratulations! You have been promoted to "Boss' bitch".

Cry me a river. There are people who have to clean peoples shit all day, every day, for a living.

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Yes, but FML is for complaining. You don't like it, you should probably stop reading it.

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And if they're getting her to clean toilets then she may be one of those people....

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It's not like the OP is gonna clean poop and pee as his job, just make it squeaky clean and then you're done!

10, Not sure you quite understand what FML is. OP had to clean the bathroom once. A true FML would be something along the lines of that is OP's full time job. Do you post an FML every time you are asked to clean a shitter?

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FML is about complaining in an entertaining way. I'd say cleaning a disgusting bathroom the first day at a new job, is pretty bad.

47- Since op is complaining about having to clean the loo I doubt it's what they signed up for and that's why it's an FML

Work hard enough and he'll be cleaning your shit of toilets!

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Wow, most of the comments have been voted down. Haters!!!

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Do a really good job on the bathroom, and maybe you could get promoted to the esteemed position of janitor!

Bear Grylls dream job. "Time to drink this piss. Might wash it down with the liquid in this shit. In some countries this is considered a delicacy.'