By NotDarkKnight - 08/10/2014 00:46 - United States - Barnesville

Today, a day after being informed that keeping my wallet in my front pocket was "strange", my wallet was stolen from my back pocket. FML
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OP here. The person that told me that is was 'strange' is a friend of mine, so I dont think it was him. I didnt switch pockets because of his comment, but I just wanted to change it up a bit. Another friend found my wallet and returned it. I'm 15, so I don't have any money anyways...

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Probably why your "friends" found it , because you had no money to begin with.

Un lucky, do what you want don't care what people think about you


Un lucky, do what you want don't care what people think about you

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I've got a George Costanza wallet. It won't fit in my back pocket...

That's why you don't listen to people. Screw their opinions.

Sometimes others comments, are very useful. But in OP's case, YA GOT F***ED OVER!! Sorry to hear...

You see it was all part of an elaborate plan. It was the same man (or woman) who told him of this abnormality and the thief.

I actually keep my wallet in my butthole.

I've never carried money. Credit card only.

Money isn't the only thing you use a wallet for. Credit/debit cards, license, membership/rewards cards for stores, etc. I keep important receipts in mine, business cards, pretty much anything that I may need while out.

I'd watch out for the person who claimed it was "strange"...

Never let anybody change the way you do things, if it works fine for you, unlucky though.

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My wallet is always in my front pocket.

If you moved it to your back pocket because some random person on a chunk of rock spinning through space said the way you were doing it was 'strange'... YDI. Hope you're never put in a situation that requires you to stand up for ... anything ...

It was a simple habit not one of his core beliefs. Op probably moved it to his back pocket either to placate the commenter or to see what it was like.