By turtles_yup - United States - San Francisco
Today, while at a fastfood restaurant, I wanted to wash my hands. The restrooms were locked, so a cashier got the key and opened the mens restroom. This would have been fine if I wasn't a girl. FML
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  derangedplanet  |  23

from experience that usually the men's room....I once found poop splattered on the wall behind the toilet in one at a fast food job I had. needless to say I made someone else do it while I gagged

  chriss2015  |  13

Very true all the horror stories I've ever heard come from the men's washroom. Although I once caught a women shooting heroin in the girls washroom. For some reason homeless men really are attracted to smearing shit on the wall.

By  APHPrussia  |  19

Maybe she was just so tired that she unlocked the wrong one? Don't worry, I'm sure if you ask nicely enough she'll unlock the other one! If they were both locked, then I doubt they were both being cleaned.

  Zoldyck  |  17

Well, they're bound to be offended if (most likely this would be the case, I don't see why the cashier would open the men's otherwise without informing the OP) the cashier believed them to be male when they are female.

  LMAO__no  |  15

That was my first thought 8. Maybe the women's room was occupied? or maybe the cashier grabbed the wrong key and figured it wasn't worth going back for since op was just washing her hands? Is not like someone is going to walk in on her without the key. and she shouldn't be in there more than a minute.