By aeterne - United States
Today, my boss informed me that it is now my responsibility to wash the dishes, since my co-workers are consistently too lazy to clean up after themselves. I have a bachelor's degree. Which I earned at the same university I now work at. FML
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  uchua  |  16

Bet it was Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Management, or something else where the entry level jobs are equally pointless.

By  x_eyebrows  |  0

Over-qualified much? Put your foot down and tell your boss that you refuse to pick up after other people; you're here to work, not be a mother. Worst case scenerio is that you get fired and find a better job!

By  ozymandias_fml  |  0

#4, Maybe not. We don't know what the degree was in. It might be an Ed degree or something.

#6, the poster wrote in English, not Latin, so why would Latin rules of grammar apply? Any school teaching that prepositions are incorrect at the end of the sentence needs to fire it's English staff.