By Anonymous - United States - Charlottesville
Today, my coworker cornered me in the office bathroom and insisted that, because she's been watching me, I use the bathroom too quickly and must not be washing my hands, and that I have to wash them from now on. FML
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By  Popeye2341  |  13

Just get back at her by observing every tiny thing she does wrong, jot it down on a list, then corner her into the bathroom and command her to fix everything. That'll teach her!

By  kampuchea  |  6

what a psycho. maybe you should insist that she doesn't forget to take her meds from now on. for her sake. the thought of you not washing your hands after going to the bathroom shouldn't keep her up at night.

By  fpants2010  |  18

My co-worker did something similar to me yesterday. As soon as I was done with lunch (I eat at my desk, and she's on the other side of the room) she was like "how come you didn't like your lunch?" When she saw I was confused she said "well I was watching you, you avoided all the really cheesy parts" ...some people need to mind their own business!

  amsterdamgirl  |  20

I like it but it's a little over the top. just lean on her shoulder when you say something, lean back, say "oops I got something on your jacket. Oh well, (smile) you know..." and walk away