By John - 24/06/2011 23:58 - United States

Today, while walking home I was jumped by two guys, one of whom shouted, "You shouldn't have run your mouth off, Rick!" My name is John. Only after they repeatedly axe-kicked me in the chest did they realize their mistake. It now hurts to breathe. FML
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at least you didn't get robbed. hope you get better

Blame Rick. He's the one who got you into that mess. DAMN YOU RICK.

To do list for OP: 1. Get some pie 2. Find "Rick" and kick his ass

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who is this rick??? he sounds like he needs an ass kicking!

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Where do you think his self-esteem went?

Today, my best friend and I went out to beat up the guy who told my wife I was having an affair. We found him and began repeatedly axe-kicking him in the chest. several minutes into it, we realized we had the wrong guy. FML.

today I read on FML that two people are looking to kick my ass FML

I want to know what Rick said that got him repeatedly axe-kicked in the chest.

well it could have been worse, they could have thought you were a dick!

Considering that you look like Rick, find him and tell him not to kill people in the future.

damn you rick! youre stealing the attention from john's fml!

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Damn poor Rick everyone ganging up on him; it's not his fault the people that wanted to kick his ass got the wrong guy. But then again I hope they get Rick for running his mouth, no one likes snitchers.

Shouldnt look like that asshole rick. Nah I'm kiddin how they didn't break your ribs

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Today, I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading the comments on an FML about a guy who got mistakenly jumped. I then commented with an FML of my own that you chose to read. My name isn't Termites. FML

I foresee an fml. "today I was jumped by 3 guys" john should form an alliance and make them teach him to axe kick! :O

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team up with them, find this 'rick' and teach him a lessoonn!

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Rick!!! you said you wouldnt let me down!! Well you failed, RICK bastard

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Well that sucks. also what is an axe-kick?

It its when you're swinging and ax, but instead of that "chopping" motion, it resembles a leg kicking something. it's almost as if the ax is a replacement leg.

How did he get axe-kicked in the chest? Sounds like an awkward movement.

It's when you raise your leg upwards and then swing it straight downwards on your heel. LOL I don't know if I described that properly but I'm a black belt in karate so I try my best. :P

Karate is for *******. I took TaeKwonDo for 11 years and am still taking it. I also have been learning MMA for 6 years. In MMA I learn: Muay Thai, 10th Planet System of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Pankration, Judo, Wrestling, Sanda, Boxing, and Krav Maga.

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Agreed with 77 but in a mean way.

agreed with 77, but in a I-don't-give-a-f*ck way.

agree with 77. but in a non-agreeing way.

agreed with 77, but in a waiting for the combo breaker way

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agree with 77, C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! happy now?

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137.. that is the blackest mother ****** I have ever seen. the one in your pic.

I agree with 78. Like a rebel. And btw 77 CHANGE YOUR PIC BEFORE YOU GET KILLED BY A CANUCKS FAN!!!

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You know.. Knowing what an axe kick is, I have to wonder if OP used the right name. It's hard to axe kick someone repeatedly and quickly enough to not let them get a look at him, or let him do something.. Out of all kicks, I have to say that this is on the top most awkward to do quickly. I would have gone for a hook or side kick myself ;P

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Out karate place calls it a hatchet kick, since axe sound too much like- you know. you bend your knee in, covering your groin, then swing up and smash down with your heel. Very powerful.

how the **** did you get that pic?! lmfao I took that and I only sent it to 1 person smh. oh your comment is shit btw

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axe kicks are difficult to do quickly and effectively, but they are so powerful. It is a kick from TaeKwonDo, lifting the leg high, knee partly bent, when the leg is as high as it can go, flick the leg down, hitting with the ball of the foot or the heel. Badass.

194 is that a boy and a girl or two girls? Sorry I'm curious :D

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196- Other types of martial arts do it, too. I learned it in karate and tae kwon do.. Back when I could lift my leg that high and not risk never having kids.

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well to all of you who don't know.. I am the "blackest ************" "the ghost" and what ever else you people come up with..

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Hey so am I #40 see anybody can say that.

237- if you didnt smile, the picture would just be a floating shirt

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Err this didn't sound like breathing to me. O_O

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afterschool study sessions with dr. big hands comes to my mind.

98- that would be "push!" followed by a series of unintelligible shrieks

A Awkward situation normally ending with the commenter in an awkward position comes to mind.

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160- Wow, that was quite accurate. o:

5, your exprestion in that picture is the exact one I pictured u doing when u said that :P

47, your expression in that picture is the exact same expression I pictured you doing while replying to his comment.

75 your expression in that picture is exactly how I pictured you taking a picture would look like.

161, my expression in my picture shows the utter confusion of trying to understand what the hell you guys are talking about...

here's what you do, find this rick and punch him in the throat, then find the guy who axe kicked you and tell him that revenge is complete, reach out a hand as if offering to shake, then when he grabs it pull him in and knee him in the lungs.

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Now you have a reason to find and kick Rick's ass with them! FEEE FYY FOO FUM

Haha you shouldve kicke them fuckfaces like Bruce Lee

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well that might have been a little hard since it was 2 guys and he can't breath..

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Bruce Lee used to take on a dozen guys at once! Even while bleeding.

Bruce Lee can out-roundhouse Chuck Norris. Just sayin'.

ydi for looking like the guy that Rick rolls you

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you're stupid for even saying that

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I think you just meant to say YDI for looking like the Rich dude. lol I was thinking that to myself as I read this FML. Oh by the way whoever presses YDI for this FML just wanted to think they were funny and press YDI on an FML where someone was a victim of an assault that wasn't even meant for that person. Either way those boys should be put in juvie or something. For attempted assault/ assault and battery lol I like to sound like I know what the laws are (; Though in reality it's just my opinion.

167- just because you said that I will press YDI

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Go beat up Rick with them? I don't know I'm bad at giving advice.