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Today, it's my birthday. My boyfriend told me he was too busy studying for finals, but that he'd take me out another day instead. He later drunk-dialled me from a party demanding a lift back home. FML
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FMLandurstoo 9

Give him a ride to a gay bar far out of town and leave him there.

Tell him you can't because your busy studying


Dump him? I'd hold onto him. seems like he has his priorities straight. knows what he wants. stable.

Yeah, seriously! He needs to get his **** straight.

bigmanj28 0

Not his fault she failed to show up at her birthday party

he obviously was studying how many drinks it takes to not remember what he was sstudying

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you should pick him up, drop him off 10 miles away from home and write on his arm "it's over bitch" so when he wakes up with a hangover he'll be screwed!

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tybtab 5

maybe he has a degree in partying

Metal_Chick 15

Dicks are straight?? :-O... oh my my ex needs to get his checked..and op if I were you I'd make him pay first; go party, get wasted, have the time of your life, and then call him to let him know your catching a ride with Chad [or some other guy's name] and that you no longer need his ass or dick, whatever.

How did you get dicks from what I said? It's supposed to be shit. :/

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I was thinking the same thing.

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86 - It's easier to just not censor yourself.

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i wonder if his name is rick...drunk dialling can cause all sorts of problems.

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you deserve it for dating him

Girls don't always know what retards they fall for.

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wow we are surrounded by liars and cheats

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oh you have no idea the horrors that await you in adulthood...enjoy what you got right now.

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FMLandurstoo 9

Give him a ride to a gay bar far out of town and leave him there.

#3 .. perfect comment with that picture :) win

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He'd like it... the OPs name is Devon.

Lauren10102 3

How exactly would he leave him there naked? Good thought.

Drive him and drop him off in front of some cops naked. @93 hes drunk getting him naked shouldn't be too hard.

Everyone studies in their own ways....... right???

Except mine is ordering some fried chicken, eat the whole bucket, and cry myself to sleep on my couch watching reality shows.

cc_the_beast 6

We used to hold study groups at the pub. Have a few beers, talk shop, good way of studying actually!

He's studying for the bar exam. Coors light is super cold.

McAninch35 9

Obviously, the bottle of vodka was his reward to himself for studying so hard. Really, you should be proud.

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Tell him you can't because your busy studying

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Lmao!! Thats wat I would have said!!

saIty 17

Tell him your unicorn will pick him up, and to wait by Baby Street. Chances are he'll believe it.

Too bad OP didn't get $4 for karate lessons to kick their asses...

GunnarG9 0

wonder how many people lulled up to him and said *gasp* Omg... here's 4, no wait 8 bucks to help double your karate lessons to double kick their butts.