By Anonymous - 24/6/2011 23:36 - United Kingdom
Today, it's my birthday. My boyfriend told me he was too busy studying for finals, but that he'd take me out another day instead. He later drunk-dialled me from a party demanding a lift back home. FML
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  Metal_Chick  |  15

Dicks are straight?? :-O... oh my my ex needs to get his checked..and op if I were you I'd make him pay first; go party, get wasted, have the time of your life, and then call him to let him know your catching a ride with Chad [or some other guy's name] and that you no longer need his ass or dick, whatever.

  GunnarG9  |  0

wonder how many people lulled up to him and said *gasp* Omg... here's 4, no wait 8 bucks to help double your karate lessons to double kick their butts.