By i-should-probably-stick-to-swimming - United States
Today, while on the treadmill, my iPod fell and shot out underneath my feet. I got off to get it, and when I tried to get back on, I slipped and fell on my face on the moving track. The whole gym watched me get beat up by a treadmill and clapped when I finally got back on. FML
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  primadonna9396  |  16

Yes... You have to gradually build up speed on a treadmill or this will happen. It's one of those things that you will learn the hard way if you ignore common sense and try it. ;-)

FYI: Running on a track is infinitely superior.


running cross country (or on trails at a park) beats track for distance running.

idk if it's just me, but I get bored after 4 (and braindead by 8) laps and i tend to give up distance attempts, lol