By yourmomsabitch - 25/06/2011 04:30 - United States

Today, I was supposed to go on a date. I have been playing solitaire the whole night waiting for him. Out of 15 games, I've won one. FML
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16. you forgot the dating game.

why the whole night? you should've given up after half an hour if he didn't call. Go out and have fun with your friends!


16. you forgot the dating game.

Fun night huh? :)

I've played over 1200 games of solitare. won over 100. and log in 3 hours every night for over two years. you ma'am are a noon at it.

noob* stupid auto correct

Lost the game.

Technically two, since you're still winning in the real life game of solitaire. Assuming you're still single, that is. :P

43 is a clever little dude!

youve only won just over 100 of your 1200 games? you only win about 1 in every 12? naw. you suck :)

it took you all night to play 15 games? hahaha wow

why the whole night? you should've given up after half an hour if he didn't call. Go out and have fun with your friends!

fing solitaire

if he made you wait he's not worth the one game of solitaire, let alone 15.

agreed!!! The reason you feel bad is that you continue to date guys who stand you up. Don't tolerate people who mistreat you.

@4 ive made people wait an hour for me if something comes up. so what? shit happens. deal with it. @20 why are you talking like you know this person intimately?

maybe your date can help you win more

OP, instead of staying home playing games in Solitare-y confinement like an Old Maid, you should FreeCell-f (close enough) out of your room and play Golf with BlackJack (racism not intended), or have a Klondike bar with your Crazy 8 friends. You might have a chance to Poker winning some Hearts.

I never liked Solitare. I was more of a Mine Sweeper guy.

Mine sweeper all the way. I mastered that game! (:

dont limit yourself to one game! you need to master them all, solitaire, minesweeper, freecell, hearts, spades, spider solitaire, pinball, reversi...but none of that backgammon or checkers shit. thats for people with no lives.

hey atleast you won something... i play solitaire on my laptop all the time and usually win 1 game out of about 200 .... so you got better odds than me

the computer cheats at those games.

How? Solitaire is easy :/ but back to the situation fyl for being stood up && ydi for failing at my fave game lol

how? because she has all these cards and no where to put them. that's how you lose. she's having a bad day. her losing streak probably isn't helping I'm sure. you've been there before I'm sure. we all have. no fun.

Solitaire is easy to play not so easy to win. I always get delt shitty cards and just start over and over so I dont waste time on a bad hand.

you should win about 1 in every 3 though. its just about manipulating the position of the cards to make them work for you, not just dropping one card on after the other and expecting it to just work out for you. im very productive during exam time as you can tell...

oh...didnt think of vegas. strike the last comment, if you win 1 in 3 on vegas youve pretty much mastered the game :P

just hit the m and It will help