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Today, while walking down the hall of my old school, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Behind the faculty parking lot where I parked my truck, two students were having sex on my tailgate. FML
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He has such a nice truck, it makes people want to ****.

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52- but 17 is better looking, thus granting her 1 extra chance to make a better comment. So hush. And 17, don't blow your chance.

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Agreed with 56 and 48 I neglect to see this 'joke'. So where is it?

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90 - Apology accepted. Self-Asshole status for today = Achieved

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I didn't want to get involved but eh couldn't resist. Why would you get annoyed by someone else's comment that doesn't include you in it whatsoever? There's a thumb button for a reason.

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You should have just walked up, got in your truck, and floored it.

Why are you guys arguing over the Internet? Seriously you don't have any friends that you'd have to come on the Internet and fight about someone's unfortunate event? If there should be any fyl going around here, it should be your own ******* life. Peace you little piece of shit dickwad.

"Exactly where you don't want to look, where you never want to look. The corner of your eye."

122, in case you didn't notice, you are arguing on the internet.

122 - Do you realize you now are arguing over the Internet about arguing over the Internet? Good job, and I love the added profanity that you thought would help your statement.

113- it's the internet what do you expect? Rainbows and unicorns?

125- Who reference, right? It reads like DW

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There are a lot of those too.

Impressing, thrilling, enrapturing, astounding, awed, fascinating, enamoring, enthralling, etc... See, I can do it too, but that doesn't mean it makes much sense.

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Wow and enTHRALLing without even trying

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If you had a keychain remote you should have set off the cars alarm haha

Maybe they thought Optimus Prime (the truck) just wanted a little action?

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What does being a horny teenager have to do with being redneck?

Because people in urban areas are too classy to show PDA. Haha I love logical fallacies.

because sex on a truck is a Texas thing. I live here, I know

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74, thats because you all only own trucks...

74, ON a truck is not. IN a truck is the thing. Spacious interior, good mood music, or in the bed under the stars.

51- if they WERE rednecks, we would redneck-ognize it.

103... Don't EVER quote that shit again, lest fiery wrath be rained 'pon your head from th' heavens.

Ugh, I meant to ask a question that I realized the answer to and accidentally clicked send. Sorry about that useless comment.

It's okay, Shane; rest your weary head now.

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The doors must have been locked.

KiddNYC1O 20

I see what you mean but why would they waste time trying to see which car is unlocked?! Aha.

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Somebody was getting some tail on your tail gate! Ha! Did you tell any of the teachers?

'Cause all they could think about, was gettin it oooooonnnnnnnn

Time to turn the hose on those animals!

Seriously! Or OP can go inside their car quietly & honk once they're in!

GUY: hey lets do it on this guys truck GIRl: ok people are so horny these days

I saw two teens banging in my mom's yard during vacation. You'd think they'd stop after they've seen me...

"these days" Right. Only "these days."

78 is right - just look at the 60's.. Teenagers weren't necessarily havin sex on other peoples' cars, but the hippie movement? Those were wild cats!

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I hope you taught those kids you do not **** with someone's truck...or **** ON someone's truck.

lacespace 8

That's using your resources for optimal pleasure purposes. Remember the days in mom and dad's house? You do what you can, when you can. Truck+boner+dress=fate