Excuse me

By Anonymous - 30/03/2015 10:30 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, my parents walked in on me, having sex. No, I wasn't having sex. They were. FML
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I think this gives you the right to watch **** openly

I think we're all hoping that they at least stopped once they noticed you..


Clear the room, they're coming through!

They will not stop for anyone or anything! Hurry up and move the dog!!

So they were having sex while walking?

#32 it's not unheard of to go to another room to finish what you start...

JustinJK 21

@32 sometimes the urge to **** is too strong to wait to be in an "ideal environment". half the time I don't even make it to my apartment before I start taking off my clothes. Let alone to my car from wherever I'm leaving lol. Bathrooms ftw.

@38, I understand it's not uncommon to move rooms/locations during sex, but the way it's phrased makes it seem like they were travelling while currently engaging in coitus, not that they finished the shower portion and went to go complete the act on the couch. I understand where #32 is coming from, because that is exactly what I thought (except I pictured them hopping around in some weird 5-legged race ;D ).

Sounds like a bad porno.

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I think this gives you the right to watch **** openly

And masturbait too lol?

#18: Just as long as he practices safe catch-and-release. Masturs are a rare breed.

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The "right"? I believe you mean the "duty" to watch **** openly.

#75 if I wanted to say duty I would've said duty

How does one walk while having sex??

it's a valid question maybe someone who down thumbs this should respond

Moving from room to room it isn't that difficult for the man to pick up the woman with her in front, and her legs around his waist

RedPillSucks 31

yes. it can definitely be done. the guy (usually) can lift the girl while still fully inserted. If she wraps her legs around him, he can go for a short stroll

It's how you get a snack when you're hungry and don't want to stop.

I admire their dexterity

*Walks to McDonald's like that* Yeah I'd like a *woman orgasms* number 8

How the ****....

In the words of Jurassic Park "life finds a way."

By walking aparently...

remember wheelbarrow races during PE in elementary school? imagine that but with no clothes.

#78's reply to #4 might clear things up

Sorry that was supposed to show up under #49

RedPillSucks 31

hmmm, 78. i hadnt thought of doing it in THAT position. *to the lab!!*

Is your father Arnold Schwarzenegger?

What does this have to do with anything this fml is talking about...

#5 is probably referencing his dad's strength in regards to carrying his mother while doing the dirty. Assuming they didn't simply walk into the room naked and he was actually going at it while making his way through the house. Either way, bad joke; but to clarify for those who didn't get it.

I think we're all hoping that they at least stopped once they noticed you..

I think OP unfortunately knows.

Can we see a video or some illustrations to more fully understand what this looked like?

"She's got back spasm, son. I'm just trying to work it loose"

Ah yes, the old legs 'round the waist maneuver. That's a classic, although it would have been really impressive if they were walking on all fours. I've heard The Quadruped is an excellent position.

outfielder55 17

They call that a hanging pot around.

They just wanted your bed.

If they were gonna do it on OP's bed, then its actually a really good thing s/he was there, or s/he would never have known, and may have continued to sleep in the same sheets O_O