By mediocreboobs - United States
Today, I was home alone tanning in my backyard which is fairly secluded. I took my top off and laid there for awhile before I looked over and saw the UPS guy standing at my gate with a package because nobody answered the door. I looked horrified and he said not to worry, he'd seen better. FML
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By  AliSama  |  17

if he said "i have seen worst" you may have taken it bad as well. Remember rule of life. no matter how good you are, there will always be someone better. It doesn't mean you aren't good or worth it.

By  Eir_fml  |  1

Hey OriginalPoster. This reminded me of a time when I said this same thing to a friend when she flashed her boobs as a result of strip poker. When I said it, I just said it basically to get the idea across of "I've seen other girls' boobs, you shouldn't worry about showing yours". It was just what came to mind, and I wish I thought longer and said "I've seen worse" instead. So he might not have meant it to be insulting, I certainly did not want to hurt my friend's feelings.