By gayboii - 19/03/2011 21:37 - United Kingdom

Today, while at a boring lecture, I heard some people behind me whispering and laughing. I turned around, wondering what was so funny, which made them laugh even more. I then realised it looked like I'd been giving my pen a blowjob for the last 10 minutes. FML
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Now your pen-is very happy! ;D

they were turned on and you know it


iamchampion123 0

Shawg! shouldn't be suckin on that pen

Don't lie, that's the most action you've probably gotten in the last 6 months.

ahahahahahaha I love your pic. XDDDDDD

practice makes perfect :P

aww man i see it:P

RiskiBusiness 1

and here cums the ink...

RiskiBusiness 1

and here cums the ink...

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my bottom right corner says add

haha 63. I bet op tried to break it so it would eventually explode while sucking on it haha

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wow same incident thathappened to me :/

I got the impression that OP was just hunched over and moving as he wrote. Since they were behind him, it looked like he was giving his pen a bj.

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Thats the impression I got

RiskiBusiness 1

and here cums the ink...

it's even worse that his name is gayboii...

Lol, we'll see that on youtube shortly.

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hhahha tru daht

Ew. There are so many germs on pens, why would you suck on that? v

maybe there were less germs on his pen than his thumb. 0_0

Maybe.... You never know where that thumb has been...

especially when you're in a boring class =P

Hmm. I don't want to know what you do during a boring class then! :O haha.

haha my history teacher back when I was a senior, commented that it was easy to tell if a guy was texting in class cause if he saw someone with their hands under their desk, they were either texting or doing a little something else. lol

Haha oh gosh... Let's hope they were texting. xD

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i hope so too lol

Haha no I haven't seen that.!

Haha, okay. What's it called?

haha. maybe op can learn something from that kid

You'd be amazed at the things kids do in school. :O

actually there was this kid in my high school that got caught masturbating in class, not once but twice! the second time was in study hall and the chick next to him was screaming her brains out. XD

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A boy at my school has a hole in his hoodie pocket. He claims that he uses it to ********** in class. My inference? He's too lazy to get it sewn. :l

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two lesbos got caught in my senior year , good times , good times

At my school, people get caught having sex in the back stair case.

I don't know why they don't just wait until after school. We have open campus, they can leave anytime that they want as long as they check out. People aren't too smart.

in my school they caught students having an orgy that was going on in the locker room. while the coach was watching. and then teachers join and we all had one happy gang bang teachers and students joined well pretty much everything that walks. fun times ;((((

Haha, even the teachers joined? It might sounded more believable if you wouldn't have said that :) lol

sometimes it happens

This is the Ultimate Orgy...(I don't know the rest of the song)

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at my school they caught a couple having sex in the dug out of the baseball field lol

Just message eachother, for ***** sake! There's a reason it's there!

at my school, two band geeks were caught having sex in the band room during band class. one of them was in my homeroom and told me it was worth the suspension lol. also another kid was caught taking a piss in a urinal while sitting in a chair 4th away(that's right he shot piss out like a water gun).

dude these two kids had sex on the bathroom and the guy actually got the girl pregnant lol.

maciann9 0

chilll outt ,

Poole give BJs in the bathroom all the time

My friend told me that when he was in second grade at a shitty public school, the seven-year-olds would ********** under the desks. And recently, a couple 12-year-olds got busted for having sex at school.

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That's what she said

they were turned on and you know it

Yeah! You suck that pen good OP;)

It could've just been a pen in their pants, maybe like the one OP was sucking on.

umm is your reply off? I'm not sure what you meant.

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to be honest here i would be turned on ... :)

mendozaale 0

but then if its a guy ... i wouldnt be turned on...

damn. okay. my turn to be grammar Nazi now!

Start off sentences with capitals. Doea. what the f is doea? suking sounds like puking mixed with snorting. U! U! U! U! U!

You spelled "sucking" wrong. I'm sorry but you sir are a Nazi failure, which sounds better than it is. lol

181, it wasn't a misspelling. 179 is only a bad Grammar Nazi for not putting it in quotes.

"Grammar Nazis" are bad by definition.

That man said, in a quote, "suking", and not sucking. Thus, I have a reason for saying what I did. Sucker. Lol. Haha. I am not a grammar Nazi. lol.

You're obviously gay. You just don't know it yet. Congratulations.

kingtz 6

I was thinking the same thing.

his name is gayboii...yeah I think he is gay

Why does it matter if he is gay? That's none of your concern.

Nobody said it does matter.

I'm a little confused, why was a 14 year old at a lecture? I'm assuming it is the gayboii who comments though.

Husker7424 2

Illmatic, check his user name again, he knows.

I think this is my post... its like exactly what I typed :o

yeah, on your profile it says "1 fml confirmed out of 2"

so this is mine??? well this is embarassing :S

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TayonaC 10

aww man well that sucks... haha ou didn't even know this was yours it's like "aww man this guys such a loser! what's his nam... o crap thats my post!"

ahaha I didnt even notice at first

haha oh good job ;) you couldn't even remember which one was yours ;) haha it's okay :) I would probably do that to lol

Why would you make your screen name "gayboii" if you're not gay?! What the he'll...

to piss off people like you ofcourse

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that's just not sanitary. lol

persianjr1 7

and sucking a dick is?

excellent point, beautiful swimmer man

shouldn't you know?

lmfao at 98 and 99!!!

hahaha he does have a point:)

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nxt time dnt suck on ur pen...its not there fault it was funny

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Bang I just shot a duck. :P

Now your pen-is very happy! ;D

I see what you did there. ;O

lol just what I was thinking

that comment wasn't very troll of you