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Today, my neighbors discovered Gangnam Style. Ever since I moved in, they've had an obsession with getting wasted by noon and blasting out shitty music all through the evening. I could just about deal with their dubstep fixation before, but now I just want to blow my own head off. FML
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Your neighbors sound cool. I would go party with them.

Heeeeeyyy Ssseeeexxxxyy llllaaaaaddddddyyy!!!!!


Your neighbors sound cool. I would go party with them.

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Heeeeeyyy Ssseeeexxxxyy llllaaaaaddddddyyy!!!!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the gangnam style... Until it gets stuck in your head and you can't sing it cause you don't know Korean.

It's actually kind of catchy and the music video is funny as hell.

Yea. When I sing along I'm just like adhsghebjtdnrdb GANGNAM STYLE!

For those of you who have seen the video my brother does the elevator scene at his college. He's the guy on the floor...

DKjazz 20

93- That's much better than being the OTHER guy in that scene.

I would love to be the other guy. Just because I can move that way. ;)

Haha i always thought they said "open condom style" q: woops

It's pronounced Oppa without the N. I have no clue where the N came from.

I would probably shoot your neighbors...stereo system.

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I wish it was open condom style, I'm not sure how that would work but it sounds like an adventure

64- that's when you just make similar sounds, kinda how I sing Japanese music xD

Damn straight 164. I remember trying to sing the ends of animes when I was younger. No idea where words began and ended but I made close enough sounds =P

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YDI for calling gangnam style shitty :/

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Hahaha **** yeah i would too! They seem like people that would go to EDC!

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140 - I looked up the translation, and I believe the N is used for contractions instead of 'S. But, I don't speak Korean, so I could be making all of this up.

So you're saying that your brother is Noh Hong Chul. Sure dude, sure.

It's all about looking classy and acting trashy. Do they at least dress nicely? Sorry OP, your life sucks!

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I don't see how dress sense has any relevance here

Have you seen how PSY dresses? He is a Korean pimp with epic dance moves an music that gets better the more you drink.

Because that's a lot of what the song is talking about.... Gangnam style would be the same as saying Beverly hills style

BeforeItWasCool 12

My bad, 2. I haven't ever really taken the time to translate the lyrics so I wouldn't know.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Then I'm something of an idiot

I totally agree that song is so annoying now -_- First t was good now it's makes me want to blow my head of too! Don't blame you !

It makes me. I know your username said blonde, but come on what is 'it's makes me'

I didn't hear about that Song until only two days ago, now I'm hearing people talk about it everywhere and I still haven't listened too it

67- don't just listen to it, for full effect please watch the video.

Come on 67, first blonde babe uses it's then you use too in the wrong format too.

79- calm down. No big deal, I noticed it too. Also, you missed a comma.

No. It was never "good". Ever. :( that song puts me on a fine line between suicide and homicide.

79 relax man no big deal people make mistakes

But Gangnam Style is awesome.. I understand too much of it but it's still pretty awesome..

I agree gangban style is awesome, I would take it over dubstep.

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Haha! OP's name applies perfectly to you.

Am I the only one here who hasn't heard of gangnam style? Yeah I know I can Google it, but after reading these comments, I don't have much of a desire to.

I discovered Gangnam style before it even went viral, so don't accuse me of hopping on the bandwagon. That being said, in my opinion, it's a good music video just for laughs.

Dude, no one cares if u "discovered " it first.

120- You definitely want to Google it. Make sure you watch the video. It's hilarious!

142- It seems I gave you a false impression, and for that I apologize. I only said that I discovered it before it went viral (it had 800,000+ views or so at the time). My point was that I was expressing my own opinion, not saying how cool it is for the sake of fitting in with the crowd. Please don't be rude next time, but no harm done.

Hey 178 Why did the hipster get his mouth burnt. He ate his food before it was cool. Get the message?

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Look out.. We got a hipster over here.

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Give them a taste of their own medicine, OP. Figure out what type of music they dislike, and blast it all day long. Hopefully they'll get the picture and start to be less annoying.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Your suggestion could possibly start a neighborhood war. OP would have better luck if he went and politely asked them to reduce the noise. Then, if the neighbors don't turn down the music, a formal complaint should be filed.

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So you're saying my max volume karaoke gangsta rap isn't helping teach my neighbors that I don't like smooth jazz?

unknown_user5566 26

33- You're obviously right. :) That just doesn't seem quite as fun as my plan! 49- If it's not helping, you must not be doing it right. Did you crank up the bass, too? ;)

TheDrifter 23

Well you see, I don't own a karaoke machine, so I've just been drumming the bass line directly on our adjoining wall. But I've got a Mic on it to up the volume to match.

They also might think OP wants to party and throw a bigger party! they may invite OP for an evening of partying hard with them.

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Kylee, I think your plan is great. ALSO if it does start a war we can all find OP's neighborhood get some black lights and glow sticks and show them how to make some lemonade!(figuratively) Then we will end up with either the best block party ever! OR neighbors banding together to chase us out of their neighborhood Frankenstein style but with pretty colors!

Exactly!!! Like blast Rebecca blacks: Friday , or Carly Rae jepsens: call me maybe lol

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If you want to create allies, just bleach their lawn and leave them a note telling them to pick a side. Nobody ever joins my team...

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Or... OP could play Pantera all day long. If you are going to blast music at people with no ear for decent music, make sure what you play is epic, and nothing's more epic as a bit of dimebag darrell. At least If the cops are called they may appreciate your taste in music better than theirs ?

I really like Gangnam Style, but I have to agree too much of anything can make people sick. Karma will bite them back soon >:)

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You guys should watch that video with no music! It's so weird

Actually, it's weird with music as well.

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I saw Gamgnam style the day it was out. My friend and I thought it was pretty cool. Until the next day when it got boring. The song is absolute shit.

To me, the most annoying aspect of this trend is watching obnoxious, 14-year-old douche-bag wannabes attempting the dance. My neighborhood is full of said wannabes, if anyone wants to trade...

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I find it annoying as well, but there's a drum n bass remix of it which is actually impressive..n can we all not attack dubstep because it's not bad at all and there are many sub-genres that actually sound beautiful ie: liquid dubstep/chillstep

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which then leads to "Opa Gangbang Style"

Actually, it's pronounced Oppa without the N. I dont know where the N came from but it's wrong. This is coming from a Korean.

It's right in the FML. You guys still couldn't get it right? Don't try to correct someone if you're wrong.

Nope, it really is "Oppa" Oppa means "Big brother" :)

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Can not believe how popular garbage has become.

You have no taste in music and any sense of humor whatsoever

Hey now, that's what's popular in another culture that came to the US. Other culture isn't garbage.

gregkingsley 4

Korean techno is not good music. Unless u live there maybe. Stick to your emo music buddy and try to avoid slitting your wrists

The OP should consider himself lucky...the post says they blast it into the evening which would mean the music is off at night. If they were really bad neighbors it would be blasted all night. Plus who really cares if they get drunk early in the day? As long as they don't harass you, does it really matter that they're drunk? Since the post doesn't say you've tried to get them to stop, I'll suggest you just ask them to turn it down a bit if it really bugs you that much. If no one else has complained to them, maybe they don't actually know it's pissing anyone off. edit: This wasn't meant to be a reply, I must have hit the reply button by mistake.

Don't know about everyone else, but I'd take listening to PSY all day over listening to Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, or One Direction any day.

Lennes 12

I don't really see how you have a right to determine what music is good or bad. And the comment on emo music was just unnecessary.

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Hey 66 don't be an ass and don't judge people you don't know.

You don't have the right to call it 'garbage'. People have different tastes in music and people in other countries probably call JB, 1D, ect 'garbage' too.

75, I couldn't agree more. And 66, shut the **** up if you have nothing nice to say. Those people don't sing about cutting they're wrists or any of that shit. I'm ******* emo. Never even once thought about suicide. So next time you feel like ******* stereotyping someone, keep it the hell to yourself.

66- Ignorance at its finest. You can stay in your delusional, perfect little world of yours where only things that you like aren't "garbage"

gmc_blossom 21

105- People in all countries call Justin Bieber and One Direction garbage. It doesn't matter where you're from.

rifletwirler92 15

Quite the high horse you've got there 66. I bet there's a decent amount of people who don't like the music you listen to, it's called "having a preference". And it's stupid to criticize people for having different tastes than your own.

118- you're emo?!? No way I would have guessed that one!

66, **** you. I listen to "emo" music (Hawthrone Heights, Death Cab for Cutie, etc.) and ive never even considered cutting or suicide. And dont be so quick to judge other music. Not everyone likes the same music as you, and just because you dont like it dosent mean its garbage.

66, when your opinion becomes a fact, let me know. Until then get over yourself.

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Haha wow, this website is full of a bunch of ******* who can't handle differing opinions. The song is shit. It is literally the dumbest, most annoying song since that Call Me Maybe crap. Why oh why is it that absolute shit like this becomes popular? Oh wait, it's because the general public is full of completely brain dead assfucks. Also, to the geniuses that are saying he doesn't have the right to say it's crap, what exactly are you going to do about it? Cry more.

So you think dubstep is better than Gangnam Style? I normally would have sympathized with you, but because of that,YDI. Gangnam Style rules. It doesn't have 360M views on YouTube for nothing.

"It doesn't have 360M views on YouTube for nothing." No, it doesn't. But most of those views aren't for the song; they're for the video. And those who have seen the video know why.

The song is ok. But it's been over played so it is crap.

Psy is awesome SNSD is not! Or Wonder Girls BigBang is cool

3yellowzebras 19

Never heard of any of the bands mentioned above?!?

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Yeah bro, it has 360 Million views! That must mean it's awesome.....or it just means that a lot of morons are enamored by the dumbest shit possible. Smh, popular does not equal good.

I feel your pain; I saw a mini flash mob dancing to that ridiculous song today.

A group of coworkers and I flash mobbed the entire recreation center staff (we're lifeguards) last weekend and people are still high giving us for it!

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55 - Did you get fired like those lifeguards out in California?