By Anonymous - United States - Silver Spring
Today, my friend took me tandem skydiving. When it was time to jump, he began crying, said he'd cut our parachute cords, then said "Goodbye, cruel world!" and pushed me off the plane with him strapped to my back. I pissed myself and cried like a bitch. He thinks his "prank" was hilarious. FML
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  Jak0p  |  25

I actually like your comment, but I hesitate to upvote it because of "you're". it's correct in the second part of your sentence, but why?

  MonstreBelle  |  28

24- Sam Pepper released a "prank" video a few days ago where he pretends to kidnap 2 guys that are best friends and pretends to kill one of them in front of the other

  tarlax  |  11

It's only "too far" if the entire prank and everything in it isn't staged and outright fake. Anyone with a working brain can figure that video out. Most full-time YouTube "pranksters" are full of shit.

By  Solano2580  |  24

That is unwarranted. Depending on age i'd tell him to cut the crap or you'd just stop hanging out with him. Suicide is no joking matter and a prank war would just be even more childish.

By  jawarston  |  24