By Anonymous - / Friday 4 December 2015 20:36 / United States - Silver Spring
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  Jak0p  |  25

I actually like your comment, but I hesitate to upvote it because of "you're". it's correct in the second part of your sentence, but why?

  MonstreBelle  |  28

24- Sam Pepper released a "prank" video a few days ago where he pretends to kidnap 2 guys that are best friends and pretends to kill one of them in front of the other

  tarlax  |  11

It's only "too far" if the entire prank and everything in it isn't staged and outright fake. Anyone with a working brain can figure that video out. Most full-time YouTube "pranksters" are full of shit.

By  Solano2580  |  24

That is unwarranted. Depending on age i'd tell him to cut the crap or you'd just stop hanging out with him. Suicide is no joking matter and a prank war would just be even more childish.

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