By Anonymous - 03/11/2009 19:49 - United States

Today, while I was driving out of the student parking lot I saw people laughing. Then the old security lady yelled for me to stop. She told me my books were on the top of my car but one had already fallen off. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw all of my school papers flying everywhere. FML
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I have submitted FML's where I had to clean up used feminine products (NOT my own), the time my own grandmother didn't recognize me and we live in the same city, and time the purse I bought in Bob Marley's house was stolen when I was on the bus ride home from volunteering.. and THIS is what it takes to get on the site? Flying papers?

I wish you got a ticket for littering, that would have been awesome...


im a fake second! and sry but YDI... and at least youve made laugh some people, no?

u wish, i was second. eff off.

damn i wish i was 25th

he said fake second... calm it.

This is the incarnation of YDI. Idiot.

this is why it's good to have friends in your classes: so you can copy their stuff!

Did you yell "Fuck You" and swerve your car toward the old bat?

I wish you got a ticket for littering, that would have been awesome...

Been there done that I feel for ya !

this has happened to me, too! i didn't even realize it til the next day.

Hmm...not really an FML this one. I mean, I'm sure this has happened to like a gazillion students before. But still, FYL, I guess...