By thelunarwolf - 02/03/2011 03:41

Today, while trying to have a serious conversation with my husband about his drug use over text, he came home. Drunk. FML
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Who has a serious conversation like that via text?

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YDI for trying to have a serious conversation via text.


Qluz 3

free hugs?! i need some loving :(

jonan1212 5

she drove him to drinking. at least drinking is a wee bit better than drugs, and it's legal ;-)

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"serious conversation over text" That is all I heard.

you heard that ??? wow.. you must have an awesome phone / computer.. I could only read it. :(

MaximilianMarche 0

yeah youre way behind bi*ch. get the new smart phone. theyre calling it the smartass

ZeeBest86 6

to the people who didn't associate alcohol with drugs, you may want to do a little research on a list of the top ten most lethal drugs for any human being. alcohol is generally number 4 or 5. Just because it's socially acceptable wherever u reside doesn't make it less harmful for you and the people around you.

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then don't try to tell him over text dipshit

Im sorry, i wont do it again:( Today my wife was trying to make me stop using drugs by text. I dont remember s#!t

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Who has a serious conversation like that via text?

Yaqui_fml 9

Exactly. There can be no "serious conversations" had through texting.

I agree 100%...If you use text messages to carry on "serious conversations" with your SPOUSE of all people, you deserve what you get because you're an IDIOT! I would guess if you just grow the **** up, he just might start listening to what you have to say...

I wanted to post that, oddly enough, word for word

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Oviously your fault.. You shoul care more about him!

your a real ******* idiot you stupid Niger! How can you blame her? you don't live their, you don't know how much time she spends with him. he just made some bad choices doing drugs.

mintcar 9

He's a Niger? As in the third-longest river in Africa? You sound stupid, I would stop name calling if I were you.

Spot the error "serious discussion over text"? Text ffs!!! Try talking to him, more likely to listen and he came home drunk so he's not high ;)

Well einstein, guess what alcohol is a drug, retard.

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I don't know the textbook definition of drug but I doubt alcohol falls under it

How can you even second guess whether alcohol is a drug? That's not lack of education, that's just sheer stupidity. Of course it is a drug. Grow a brain.

I would rather someone I loved came home stoned than drunk. At least pot doesn't make people act like obnoxious pricks (That I've seen anyways) and it's a lot less dangerous.

maybe he needed the boose to have a serious text conversation with OP...

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Who the hell stages a mini-intervention over text? I'm sure you care about your husband, which is why you need to get his loved ones and TALK, not text.

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YDI for trying to have a serious conversation via text.

When I read that I instantly clicked YDI

Your texting pushed him into a drinking sesh. Shame on you!

missryena 1

Agreed! You don't have a serious convo thru text, if ya really cared about the situation u would've sat down with him and talked face to face.

I_R_Genius 3

Hmmm, I don't know if I should let this one go or not? By the way, does anyone know what "thru" means by any chance? I thought it was always through?

Yes, "thru" is shorthand for "through," Genius.

Did you seriously just try to play "Undercover Grammar Nazi" while proudly wearing a username of "I_R_Genious"? I understand the attempt of wit through irony, but in my book you just look like a dolt...

I_R_Genius 3

Apparently no one has sarcasm anymore. *facepalm* You must be new here #54, so please don't try and act smart when you're really not.

mintcar 9

THRU is the informal, simplified spelling of the word through. Look it up in the dictionary.

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