By thelunarwolf / Wednesday 2 March 2011 03:41 /
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  ZeeBest86  |  6

to the people who didn't associate alcohol with drugs, you may want to do a little research on a list of the top ten most lethal drugs for any human being. alcohol is generally number 4 or 5. Just because it's socially acceptable wherever u reside doesn't make it less harmful for you and the people around you.


  Erlkonig_fml  |  0

I agree 100%...If you use text messages to carry on "serious conversations" with your SPOUSE of all people, you deserve what you get because you're an IDIOT!

I would guess if you just grow the fuck up, he just might start listening to what you have to say...


your a real fucking idiot you stupid Niger! How can you blame her? you don't live their, you don't know how much time she spends with him. he just made some bad choices doing drugs.

  chippa  |  24

How can you even second guess whether alcohol is a drug? That's not lack of education, that's just sheer stupidity. Of course it is a drug. Grow a brain.

  Erlkonig_fml  |  0

Did you seriously just try to play "Undercover Grammar Nazi" while proudly wearing a username of "I_R_Genious"? I understand the attempt of wit through irony, but in my book you just look like a dolt...

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