By stillsick - 02/03/2011 00:11 - Canada

Today, surprisingly, my roommate made a nice meal. Within an hour, I started throwing up. When I confronted her, she confessed that she'd used long expired ingredients, including meat, because she didn't want the garbage men to think she's "the type that wastes food." FML
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what an amazing roomate... get the hell out

The awkward moment when you find out your roommate is banging the garbage man.


what an amazing roomate... get the hell out

Yeah kick her out, nobody wants to live with that

scarletpenguin 16

@ #44 The hell...? Are you serious or are you just trolling? Obviously it's the roommate's fault, she knew what she was doing and fed OP the expired food. And you don't know much about food poisoning, do you? Dumb people make me mad.

OK, just so I don't have to see any more 'it can't be food poisoning after 1 hour' bullshit, here's how it works. The two main mechanisms for food poisoning where the food itself isn't actually poisonous, are through ingesting live agents like bacteria, virus, or parasites, or through ingesting the toxins produced by bacteria. In food poisoning where there is a rapid onset of symptoms (in the 1-6 hour range), it's generally due to bacterial toxins, i.e.; the food you ate was 'rotten'. In cases where you ingest a live agent, the incubation period can be from anything from a few hours up to several days, so people don't usually necessarily associate it with the food they ate. This is often erroneously passed off as 'stomach flu'. There are also things like CJD where symptoms don't show up for years. Long story short: STFU. This is possible.

kick that roomate out. she must be ******* retarted if she would feed you overdue food. and anyway, who would want the garbage man to like them? it's a pretty crummy job.

You haven't ever gotten food poisoning before, have you? I have gotten sick within 6 hours of eating fast food, and it was most definitely food poisoning. Don't start stating facts until you know them for sure, and have actually experienced it.

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Food poisoning was the most miserable physical experience I've ever had. One of the worst nights of my life. And I had gotten it from high school food. Started vomiting within a couple hours.

Thanks - I thought it had a certain charm.

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Your body will vomit soon after infesting "bad" food. Its' natural reaction is to purge itself' of the contaminants, retard.

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I wanna be the "first" to say that your life sucks :)

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#88, alternatively, maybe OP's roommate rarely cooks and THAT is the surprising part. Even if she did mean it the other way, my mum's made meals with expired ingredients before, and it tasted fine right up until it came back up.

Agreed.. Don't let her cook again, she might kill you. ;-;

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You look like you could be Jay Leno's son. :)


actually I thought he looked more like vinny off of jersey shore... that's just me though lol

#26 there's no need for your obnoxious and stupid behavior. get the **** off caps lock dude .

#60 do you really have to be a bitch? OP that sucks! It's not like the garbage men really care. FYL at the moment.

dude I'm not being a bitch. it's called sarcasm.. it's my personality. sorry to have offended you , lol

I'm not being a bitch.. it's called sarcasm, which Is my personality.. sorry to have offended you, dear. lol :)

Lol, you actually trust freaks like that? You desserve it. Good game.

What a stuck up bitch! I take it she didn't eat anything? She probably is just trying to poison you!

fthku 13

What does stuck up have to do with itt? She's crazy though, I would get a new roomate.

You don't get sick within the hour from bad food

really now... *fetches the rotten milk* DRINK IT grawr

Yes because since it has never happened to you it's obviously impossible right? ... you're a dumbass dude

Well padlarf go eat some week old shrimp an tell us how long it takes you to get sick...