By oddgrrl99 - 23/07/2013 22:42 - United States - Portage

Today, my husband removed the TV from our bedroom to improve our sex life. Still no sex because he watches TV on his iPhone. FML
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Dswank620 18

Send him some nudes in the midst of his t.v. watching

Next time tell him "Honey, can you turn your voume down? I like to hear my vibrator as it pleases me"


Wow. At least he trired. Maybe hide his charger?

blackman100 20

Now for the follow through...

etoilenuit 15

Wear something sexy, waltz around the room, and then make your move. That'll get his attention.

that's not gonna work.. im pretty sure that he's not watching tv, he's probably watching ****...oh phones these days

^You hit the nail in the head. He's obviously more interested in other things than having sex. This usually means there are deeper issues going on here. Original Poster, have you asked to watch his **** with him so you both get in the mood together?

rahulcool7 14

I'm not exactly sure she has that right.

After taking his phone she should also spank him ;). Who knows, that might get things going...

#38 that's better. She should use handcuffs too ;-)

SwaggCapone 11

he went to a smaller screen..... that was a dumb move.

Dswank620 18

Send him some nudes in the midst of his t.v. watching

Or put the T.V back in and watch a porno together

Keattles 14

I would say, rock his world, and his phone. Sorry OP FYL

dinosxxrawr 22

take away the phone. and the sex. his loss.

She doesn't have the right to just take his phone away.

Lol and the sex ?!!! have u even read the fml.

We're all just stupid people with smart phones. :)

Turn on a sexy show and act out a steamy scene.

How can you let pass SEX for Technology?!?!? Like where's your priorities man?!?! OP