By man2 - 23/09/2010 11:18 - Ireland

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I was unsuccessful at a job interview, and she didn't want to be with someone who "has no future". She's unemployed too. FML
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you should feel happy that you got some dead weight off your back.

Exactly. So she'd be completely screwed if she was with someone who was unemployed.


YDI for having no future, for sucking at the job interview, for dating someone else with no future, for dating a lazy bum, and for being distraught over someone so shallow and hypocritical anyway.

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"with one of these, I can get as many of those as I want." - little girl, very old joke

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It's funny because you restated the post in your comment.


Ydi for dating a crack fiend.

maybe theres another reason, just sayin'

she was a gold digger

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1 - who's that in your picture?

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well not every woman wants to work OP and YDI for dating a beyotch( I had to say it that way because my English teacher did lol).

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you both are losers

wow 1246 comments you must spend every waking hour of the day on this.

Why, it's me, of course!

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38 *cough cough slutty blond cough*....

57, stereotype much?

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45- Or maybe he's just had this app for a long time. Don't be so quick to judge, asshole.

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55 you look super baked in your picture you should probably get some sunglasses or at least use eye drops. 57 omg she's showing her legs what a slut. I agree with 63.

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57, you are showing more skin than the "slutty blond" you speak of. Does that make you a sluttier slut?

63 I like your hair it looks awesome

Does she know how to make a sandwich? problem solved.

I agree with 69, oh and thank you 71 ;)

1/55- I'm still trying to figure out if that long thing below your upper lip is your tongue or your bottom lip. Also, try to limit your weed smoking per day so you don't end up looking super baked again in your picture. =)

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fherlife for letting you go.

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83 you stole both my comments! ugh you could've at least said that he looked faded or high or that it looked like he was tripping balls but I guess you're a poser and said he was super baked. w/e

57; - cough cough. slutty brunette. cough cough * Thank you, and goodnight.

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I wonder what number I'll be? :3

yh what he said

Right on Perdix! Since when did it become a sin to have some standards? Even birds have them. She may be unemployed now, but for all we know, she is just finishing a high earning degree. Women please don't feel guilty for having standards. We need to maintain them, for the sake of our offspring too. A guy capable of setting and reaching goals, degrees, promotions, entrepreneurship often someone worth respecting. It shows he has brains, commitment, self esteem and character. Very loveable

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looking good :D

That's what the OP was tryna do. As always, there's not enough info on the FML, but if my boyfriend was unemployed, and at least TRYING to find a job, I would damn well support him emotionally, if not financially

you should feel happy that you got some dead weight off your back.

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In addition to #2: If she knew you were unemployed before dating you then she's an idiot, and should have thought about that before getting in a relationship with you. She's also an idiot for thinking not having a job at the moment is equal to not having a future. She's even more of an idiot for dumping you for not having a job, when she doesn't have a job either. I'd say you're lucky you're not dating her anymore, unless you're attracted to idiots.

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is op the same one that got rejected fro mcdonalds twice ?

Maybe she was a full-time college student. That technically counts as "unemployed".

hahaha. she was def a keeper.

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What a hypocrite.

Exactly. So she'd be completely screwed if she was with someone who was unemployed.


lmao nice picture!

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Primus sucks!

How dare you.

theian01 3

Your clearly not a big enough Primus fan...

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gold digger. she wants someone to support her ass.

11- I totally agree with you

I second this

Third this

so, you're sad because that shallow bitch is out of your life? I'm confused.

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It's a good thing. So you messed up at one interview, whatev. You'll do better on the next one. So your disrespectful girlfriend left you over something stupid. You'll do better on the next one! :)

Never date a fortune teller.

perdix 29

What does it matter that she's unemployed? Her future is in the kitchen.