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Today, I found out I'm pregnant. My husband reacted by going out and smoking weed, then getting completely shitfaced, and having his buddies drag his nearly-comatose carcass back home from a strip club. FML
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You really picked a winner:) Good luck and congrats!


You really picked a winner:) Good luck and congrats!

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I wonder how long it took him to do all that stuff until his friends dragged him home.

#16-Have you seen the 5 hour energy commercials? I think you would know then.

That's what a bachelor party is for. And if you're going to regret getting married/having a family, why do the commitment in the first place?

Who in their right mind would lick a stripper . . . or did you mean he licked his bros?

6- My boyfriend doesn't feel the need to do any of that because he doesn't see parenthood as a "trap."

Parenthood shouldn't be considered a trap if that person considers it that then clearly they shouldn't be a parent

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36 - So you're 16 and commenting on parenthood. Under 18 with kids is a trap. May not seem like it. But, parental obligations, no parties, no finishing high school, no decent employment. But hey, look on the bright side. You have an offspring that hasn't 'trapped' you :-)

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47- I didn't wanna be the asshole to say it, but I was thinking the same thing.

47- I never said I had a kid. But if I did, I know my boyfriend would take the responsibility to help me raise it.

Not every teenager that has a kid drops out of school, you know? Or doesn't have a social life..

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Love your optimism Happle. I became a father at 18, and I was stoked, but let me tell you, it IS a trap. Possibly one you'll love being caught in, but there is no leaving, and no more being a kid. It changes everything, and there is no course or training manual for how to deal with the new realities. Some people snap, some become better people.

54- haha you know nothing of teenage boys if you believe that shit! Your relationship will not last much longer anyways, your a kid, I'd put my tuition fund on it.

77 - not all teenage relationships end quickly. I'm 17 and I dated the same guy for five years. I have other friends who have been in relationships for longer than about two years. While I do understand that the average teenage relationship lasts about 6 months or less, not every teen is the same and not every relationship is the same. Oh, and *you're a kid

I do not believe that 77 was implying teenage relationships are always short, rather that they usually don't make it out of the teen years. Especially when you leave high school and move away for work/uni and meet all sorts of new people, which can change you a lot and also make you wonder if it's really worth the effort of your 500mile distant relationship.

I was 17 when I started dating my partner, we've been together ten years. My Mom was a month away from turning 18 when she got married. They've been together 35 years. Didn't get pregnant until she was 28 - but not all teen relationships fail. I agree with the commenter who said teen parenthood either makes you grow up fast and become a better person, or sends you 'round the bend. I firmly believe in birth control (and birth control education), and also in the right to choose. I couldn't be a parent - if I somehow managed to get pregnant despite having a 99% chance of being infertile? I'd have to terminate the pregnancy. No choice, I have a bad autoimmune condition and it would be way too dangerous for me and the potential child. But even if I weren't sick? I don't want kids, never have, my partner doesn't want them, so I'd terminate it anyway without feeling guilty. Glad to live in Canada, where we have that choice.

95, I'm not knocking you at all or anything for your choices, but if I were you, I'd just get my tubes tied and forget about it. It just seems like a waste of time/money/effort to keep taking hormonal birth control your whole life if you're 100% sure you don't want to have children.

Wow. He seems pretty excited. Congrats though! :)

I think what she meant by that is your children aren't always actually your children.

Having your husband come home shitfaced from the strip club is not parenthood....

41: No, but in 16-18 years it could be her son, then if would be parenting. With an upstanding role-model daddy like that, who knows how the kid will turn out?

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I thought they wouldn't let a 16 year old into a strip club...

Congrats. A few years ago, I would probably have done the same thing. He probably doesn't think he will be able to do any of that again for a long while.

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That's just because he won't be able to get shit faced & party for another 18yrs! :) Congrats!

My mom still gets shit faced and parties and I'm only 16.

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Happle, do you ever stop talking about yourself? Seriously, there's no need to reply to every comment with a fact about yourself/your life.

Sorry for sharing. You don't have to read the comments.

I'm with happle here, plenty of people don't let being parents stop them from getting shitfaced. For example, my parents invited all their friends over for Christmas and I got to watch them get shitfaced and party into the early hours of the morning.

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Congrats on the baby, OP! Hopefully your hubby was just in shock and he'll come around. Good luck!

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He will give your kid one helluva 21st birthday party.

I guess he was going for a last call kind of thing. Just tell him that weed and alcohol mixed together is a bad idea. No reason to get carried away.

actually weed and alcohol mix very well together. Try it. You'll like it.