Dear Raymond…

By Frenchie - 12/09/2013 21:24 - United States - Belleville

Today, in French class we had to write love letters as an exercise. Since my boyfriend recently broke up with me by text message, I ended up writing a 20-sentence love letter in French to my cat. FML
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The cats need love, too!

Pfft, the cat deserves it way more.


The cats need love, too!

michaelaranda 28

Thats what it starts with. Then OP becomes a crazy cat lady.

Gingerette 8

Thou shalt love thy cat as thyself. chapter 5, verse 47 of the book of Feline World Order.

Now French kiss that pussy..

\ 28

Only cowards break up via text message, and OP dodged a bullet. Fuck him.

They're The Ones Who Won't Desert You, Unless For Treats. Cats Like Treats.

And Also For When You Capitalize Every Word.

Dat love doe.

"Doe! A deer! A female deer!"

Aww, having a cold sucks.

Beepbeep7 14

Damn you! Now I have that stuck in my head lol.

CookieLovesBoo 16

You guys and your stupid spell check, fuxking grammar nazi -.- ( by the way I meant to spell the F word like that)

Pfft, the cat deserves it way more.

#3 we don't quite know or have an idea why they broke up. For all we know, OP could have done something that caused OP's boyfriend to break up with her. Although a text break up is just sad.

helpfulwhale 12

Your feline friend is clearly more deserving of a love poem than any boy who would dump you like that! Cheer up, OP. things will get better :)

Agreed. One of the reasons for dating is to find out whether or not a particular person has any qualities that are too much for you to deal with, since we all know that everyone has at least one flaw. Think of it positively, OP; with each relationship you narrow down your own specifications for a suitable partner! Many fish live in the sea, and the sea is all around you. Look at this as an opportunity to go out there and find the better fish! Remember that the best fish aren't always easy to catch and definitely aren't as common, and you almost never catch them with your first cast. Good luck with your French class and your search for a new and better boyfriend!

jasmine2301 25

^ Too long, did not read.

Think of it this way OP. your cat will never break up with you or leave you......... as long as you make sure to pet his belly, feed him only tuna, and praise him as the sole ruler of the household. I did it a long time ago and now my cat finally allows me to exit the long as I bring catnip.

We don't blame you for loving pussy after a text message break up.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir Voulez vous coucher avec moi" Wee-wee Purrrrrr

"Would you sleep with me tonight Would you sleep with me "

Good ol Moulin Rouge lol.

inkdeath87 18

Gotta love da cat.

jasmine2301 25


hollyanne27 9

..."gotta" should be have to as well...

well being as your still in high school I'm sure you will be fine, better to love your cat now and not get knocked up by some loser.

There are classes that teach French outsides of school and in colleges, your point is mute.

I believe the correct word you are looking for is "moot"

People tell me this all the time and I know how moot is spelled. I use MUTE because stupidity needs to be silent as in muted. This is the response I give to everyone that corrects me.

aww thats sad :/ dont worry there are alot of fish in the sea!! forget bout him. He jus didnt have the balls to tell you in person.

hcollins1 18

Why do people that 'type lyke dis think its soooo kewl?' Last time I've typed like that, I was in the 6th grade. Then I realized how stupid it looked.

liek dis if u kry evertim

At least you're cat won't break up with you via text. You should have written a hate letter instead. Much more fun :)

you are cat? what?

I ******* hate my phone. Your*

yes blame the phone ^

That's only because cats don't have opposable thumbs to text you. He still might leave you if your neighbour serves a better fancy feast! :P

zed34 18

Your pets love you unconditionally

perdix 29

#10, not really, it's pretty much conditional on you feeding them. Try skipping their food for a few days and they'll pretty much hate you.