By rachaaaaeul - 06/08/2010 07:07 - United States

Today, I was texting my boyfriend about yesterday, where he told me how much he loved me, and he wishes we lived closer. I asked him if he really meant it. Turns out he was drunk, and had no idea what he was talking about. FML
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like they say a drunken mind speaks a sober heart lol

Maybe the booze brought out his realfeelings.


aww, I'm sure he still loves you though :)

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Aww, I'm sorry that happened to you OP, drunk guys say/do some stupid stuff. ♥

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don't worry op the truth comes out a lot of times when people are drunk. he couldve still meant it.

as in lived closer, as in u live like 30mins away? or in different time zones, if its the latter, ydi

when some people are drunk they mean what they say

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24- it's a lot easier to insult someone when you don't have a picture. let's see what u look like.

Effing FMLs are so predictive.....Jesus Mohammad

Drunk persons words is a sober persons thoughts:)

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Im sorry OP but if he actually was drunk you probably would've noticed

alcohol + phone+ girlfriend = LOLOLOL FYL.

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it's funny because you thought your boyfriend loved you but he didn't mean it because he was drunk

cantfightfate- it is sad ppl who got no pic bashing other ppl. wutever helps there self esteem i guess

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I agree with cantfightfates original comment. Drunk people speak the truth.

cantfightfate at least you have a decent body. it's just you're face that's banged up. if you don't like the anonymous insults then don't put up a picture like that.

20 how is the second option a ydi? my boyfriend and I live over 1500 miles away from each other and he loves me.

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sometimes the truth comes out when ur drunk. maybe he's just scared to tell you. men are dumb and weird sometimes

no offense 64, he says he loves u 1500miles away, how do u know hes not banging other girls? long distances rarely work out

the alcohol usually makes people say what they truly feel...

YDI texting your boyfriend about yesterday, where he told you how much he loved you, and he wishes you lived closer. You asked him if he really meant it. Turns out he was drunk, and had no idea what he was talking about.

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68, not every guy just goes out and bangs other girls. If I can handle my deployment I can handle doing long distance for a few months till she is down here for long term. It's not that long, sometimes you just gotta suck it up.

My husband and I started out as a long distance relationship over the Internet.

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68 that's not true, there is this wonderful invention called the iPhone that has video chat and computers skype is great for long distance relationships.

68 my boyfriend (71) went over 2 years without getting any from deployment and even when he was just stationed places and single. there were ***** he couldve banged but he chose not to cause he likes sex when it's with someone he has a deep connection with. so I highly doubt he's cheating.

ur right... I express alot when I get drunk... I'm always drunk though lol ;)

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lol I smell denial in the comments above

1, Cameron Ling can SMD. That is all.

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I suggest slipping rum in everything he consumes, if you get him drink enough he may marry you!

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either 68 is gay..or hoping the girls on her will recognize his "sensitivity"...douche..

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89- what are you talking about? 68's question and comment was legit

actually 89, i got a gf of almost 3years and happy. wut can u say about urself

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78, if u dnt think he was getn foreign puss, u are highly nieve.

I agree with 89 and I mean he has a picture with a girl at least.. you think you would too if you've been with your "gf" 3 years. or is it embarrassing?

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91 - Your dog does not count as a girlfriend. Nice try.

so im supposed to have a pic of my gf in with me??? wow u guys are pathetic....any excuse to try to make fun of someone online to maybe boost ur self esteem

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i agree. Maybe he was too embarrassed to admit that he loves you while he wasn't drunk. And if not, he's a jerk. :/

on the bright side.. kids n drunk people always tell the truth ;)

Maybe the booze brought out his realfeelings.

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How did YOU not realize he was drunk? Are you OP?

Im sure he means it. You should be good.

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bitch in this picture looks like she wish's she didn't have to hide her face behind a blurry picture. oh snap. what did I just do.... ...and so it begins... lol

lol oh. is that just cause I'm a "white boy" or... nvm... this is pointless... gotta love the Internet ;)

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