By snoozlagist - United States
Today, while on the bus, I began to fall asleep. Suddenly, a man next to me started laughing very loudly, scaring me and jolting me out from my nap. I was so scared, I reflexively punched the girl in front of me in the face. I was pinned down by three other men while the cops were called. FML
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  suppressed08  |  2

(my first comment hasn't appeared..)

Why is it a YDI because he hit a girl?

'Yeah, so he woke up and punched this guy in the face, but it's ok because most guys can take it.'

Are you mental?

It's not alright if anyone gets hit, not just girls.

  sipher16  |  0

pdsd I've seen guys come out of sleep brandishing knives. one of my buddies tried to strangle me when I woke him up screaming "who sent you!?!?" we laugh about it now but it was purely a reflex.

  MzKitty83  |  0

my husband has woken up grabbing my arm and shaking me, or he hops up sure he's late for work, one time he even was kicking me and trying to choke me, all after he deployed but those are NOT normal responses for non marines. so op u probably should look into some therapy for your unnatural fight over flight reflex