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  thatguy3812  |  25

Definitely an FML for the other girl too.
Today, the person next to me me fell asleep in class. the teacher thought it would be funny to wake them up with an air horn. Not only did it work, but they punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious. FML


Let me spell it out for you. When people are sleeping, they are in dream land, an alternate reality if you must. Have you ever been working on something in complete silence, then all of the sudden, someone enters the room or talks to you without warning? Most people either jump a little or yelp in fright. This is like, a million times worse if you're sleeping, especially dreaming. The sudden blast of extreme noise caused a gut reaction, which I guess for OP means to attack, since their body assumed something bad just happened, and it just so happened that OP was in class and the girl was beside OP. Do-you-un-der-stand?

By  f0rged  |  0

#7 I know a lot of people that when shocked out of a sleep will jump or have a similar reaction. Has a loud sound never made you jump when you're awake? You must have the nerves of stone..