By DontSniffMyHair - 7/7/2021 06:01

I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo

Today, while sitting on the bus the man sitting slightly above and behind me leaned over my seat. All I heard was someone deeply inhaling in to my hair. I turned around and slapped him. Everyone saw what he did, but no one defended me while I was being thrown off the bus for assault. FML
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By  Charlie Given  |  24

all public buses have security cameras request the footage then show it to the police technically somebody sniffing your hair without permission would be warranted assault and you can very easily argue in court it was self-defense from a creeper.

  EBrogen  |  3

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By  Steffany Wolkenhauer  |  5

To anyone saying she reacted badly, the law states that "sniffing" another person, including their hair, can be/is considered SEXUAL ASSAULT and the sniffer was obviously seeking pleasure by doing so. OP had every right to defend herself by slapping the sick @$$ predator who thought he could do that without consequence. OP should get the video and file a police report the creep for sexual assault. And press charges against the bus company for kicking her, the victim, out when a sexual creep got to remain on the bus with other women he could potentially terrorize.