By Anonymous - 22/09/2011 03:41 - United States

Today, while I was on the bus, my foot fell asleep. When we arrived at my stop, I stood up and limped to the front of the bus. As I walked down the steps, I tripped, fell, and smashed my nose into the ground. The driver just laughed and drove away. FML
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Lucky. My feet have isomnia and can't sleep. Its' frustrating at times.

My bus driver offered me some pot today


Lucky. My feet have isomnia and can't sleep. Its' frustrating at times.

Sew him? That's always the answer

I'm not sure how you can sue someone for laughing at you. But best of luck with that.

I'm not sure how you can "sew" someone.

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25- doctors sew people a lot.

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Doctors sow people but i see what you mean

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

People say doctors sow people and people saw doctors sew people, so they say what the see so you can see what they say....

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I laughed so hard when I read this(((x

Jokes on you guys because I actually meant "sew" oh who am I kidding FML

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Dr IDGAF, While your attempt to recover failed it also went against your username and ethics. We on the FML board of directors and council must fine you 3 abba zabba candy bars and suspend you from giving a fuck for a minimum of 100 FML's Sincerely Fake Board of Directors, LLC, MBA PhD Gyno

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50, I didn't laugh. Maybe one day. Keep up though, you're almost there.

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So... you want OP to stitch him up? Does he have an open wound? I feel like that'd help the driver more than hurt him. That wound might get infected.

Sorry 50 but IDGAF

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We have a wannabe troll living under a wannabe bridge.

I thought enonymous did well...

Did you kick him in the shin? Oh wait...

Yah! He must've gotten up, ran after and caught up with the bus. Then walked back up the steps, and kicked that dickhead in the shin. Oh wait...

Just like I kicked your comment down another vote.

Pull out the 9 mil and shoot him in the face.

flockz 19

wait are you serious?

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I don't want to know how you go about shooting someone with money.

I hate when that happens...

Happened to me when I was flying. I had to get out quick, and my foot was asleep because of my boot, so when I stepped out, 200 pounds landed on a foot and I just went down and kissed the dirt.

My bus driver offered me some pot today

Please tell where that bus picks up.

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Does your bus driver happen to be named Otto, man?

You should probably check if he's an actual bus driver.

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Dude same here. On the last day of school last year i have had this col ass bus driver nd then hes like ur a 18 right im like yea and hes like we should smoke some weed someday im like yea buddy cus we both knew we both have weed

Um...did you take it? :/

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I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down...

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"Pissing the niiighhhht away, pissing the niiighhhht away."

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Ha both of you have animal pictures

43 well arent you observant

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My pussy's name is Burt! :)

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My foot fell asleep right before a fire drill so it was interesting trying to walk fast when my foot felt like needles! sorry op, that bus driver sounds mean. :/

What a dick! Shit happens though and you will get through this! :)

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Stoopit bus driver should have called an amperlamps!

That would be nice, if there was a such thing as an amperlamps.