By Anonymous / Thursday 22 September 2011 03:41 / United States
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  enonymous  |  8


While your attempt to recover failed it also went against your username and ethics. We on the FML board of directors and council must fine you 3 abba zabba candy bars and suspend you from giving a fuck for a minimum of 100 FML's

Fake Board of Directors, LLC, MBA PhD Gyno

  HatefulPilot  |  0

Happened to me when I was flying. I had to get out quick, and my foot was asleep because of my boot, so when I stepped out, 200 pounds landed on a foot and I just went down and kissed the dirt.

  mohammadkm95  |  6

Dude same here. On the last day of school last year i have had this col ass bus driver nd then hes like ur a 18 right im like yea and hes like we should smoke some weed someday im like yea buddy cus we both knew we both have weed