By Anonymous - 04/04/2013 18:04 - Portugal - Sintra

Today, while on the bus, an elderly man fell asleep on my shoulder. He looked sweet, so I didn't push him off. A few minutes later, the bus jolted and his head slipped down into my breasts. I'm pretty sure you don't smile like that when you're really asleep. FML
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I can't wait until I'm old >:)

I can't wait to try this move here!!!

When I get old I'm going to try out these old people scams. They can get away with anything!

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They can't get away with anything because I would of slapped him so hard there would have been a hand print on his wrinkly face for weeks. Just because your old doesn't make it okay to sexually harass women.

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Not to cause offense Chell but your profile description says "you spell words out and use proper grammar" yet you use "of" instead of "have" and "your" instead of the proper "you're."

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...except a massive multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, apparently.

51- Highly doubtful... People on here talk a big game but in reality when the moment is presented. In a crowded situation. Most people would just shrug it off... As did OP.....

#51, I can understand not letting him do that, but I think over-aggresively slapping an old person is a bit harsh of a start.. Maybe politely ask him to move his head, and then if he refuses to do so maybe give a push - or get up and move to a better spot :s.

There's just some things you can't get away with until your old! *sigh*

I would be smiling too, to wake up between a set of nice knockers. Makes me wanna go ride a bus.

Be careful who you try it with - I sure as hell wouldn't let you get away with that however old you are. Dirty creep. Can't blame him for wanting it but that doesn't mean he gets to 'take matter into his own hands'. OP has a right to be able to sit on a bus without fear of being groped.

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Guess he got a heartfelt wake up call. Or in this case breastfelt.

I laughed way harder at this than I should have.

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Note to self: must try this.

Better wait a few more years. When is the cutoff age at which it goes from sexual harassment to just acceptable old man behaviour?

Gonna say 60+. However, you have to look the part -- you can't be this extraordinary spry, young-looking 60-year-old going around "accidentally" grabbing boobs, because you are just an ordinary perv. You gotta be wrinkled enough for people to begin to show deference to you because of your senescence.

But everybody loves boobies. Can't blame him!

If you've seen one pair.... You still want to see the rest!

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I don't know about that. She has the privilege to look at them everyday at any given time at will. That's like being God!

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Maybe he was having a good dream... ;)

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