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  Today, feeling the need to spice things up in our sex life, I dressed up in my husband's navy uniform jacket, hat, and a pair of heels. When he came into the room, he took one look at me and started laughing uncontrollably. FML
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  Allornone  |  35

You can be surprised. My man loves it when i wear one of his dress shirts or tees (and nothing else). Given his reaction, he seems to think it's pretty sexy

  EMTchic  |  14

My fiancé also loves it when I wear nothing but one of his shirts. I'd be willing to venture that a majority of guys like for their girlfriend/fiancée/wife to dress like that, seeing as it doesn't seem to be an uncommon occurrence. It even sounds common on FML, and I'd say we are anything but common people =)

  KatjaM  |  15

Probably because they made another comment separately instead of in the thread they had already started. Some people get hissy about small things here.