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Today, feeling the need to spice things up in our sex life, I dressed up in my husband's navy uniform jacket, hat, and a pair of heels. When he came into the room, he took one look at me and started laughing uncontrollably. FML
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Well, if you hand kinky sex afterwards then mission accomplished!


Well, if you hand kinky sex afterwards then mission accomplished!

I thought the first one was accurate. After being laughed at they probably both had kinky sex with their hands.

Awwww, at least someone put the effort in

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my husband loves it when I put on his dress blues jacket, heels and nothing else. easier to take it off

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You can be surprised. My man loves it when i wear one of his dress shirts or tees (and nothing else). Given his reaction, he seems to think it's pretty sexy

My fiancé also loves it when I wear nothing but one of his shirts. I'd be willing to venture that a majority of guys like for their girlfriend/fiancée/wife to dress like that, seeing as it doesn't seem to be an uncommon occurrence. It even sounds common on FML, and I'd say we are anything but common people =)

I have to agree with the ladies above me. There's very little that's hotter than a woman dressing up like OP did.

My man was very happy to come home and see me wearing nothing but his tie and my highest heels.

Oh we're all sharing kinky stories! Well my girlfriend likes it when I wear her high heels and skirt!... Wait, I don't have a girlfriend.

Atleast you tried. You failed yes but still tried.

what I meant was did he stand at attention?

Probably because they made another comment separately instead of in the thread they had already started. Some people get hissy about small things here.

Aye aye, captain! I hope he started talking about the motion of his ocean then.

Did you still manage to fire his submarine's torpedoes?

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What he should have done was check out your aft.