By pervert - 09/01/2010 06:38 - United States

Today, while my kids were taking a nap in the other room, I masturbated while Dora The Explorer was on. I think I need to get out more. FML
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....over Dora the Explorer or was it just on?! Either way, ew.


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not creepy. Dora is grown up now. has her own lil rainforest (if you catch my drift) and has bewbz so yeah I beat to her every morning

Maybe he was looking at lewd pictures while watching Dora and her 8-year-oldness.

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hey swiper no swipein! :D lol

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105 lol swiped swiped her virginity.

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sorry I meant swiper swiped dora's virginity. damn anti flood protection!

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wow your comment made me lol

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yea I agree OP you should get out more before you become a pedofile. just stay away from: schools, family resturaunts, mcdonalds, bk, waterparks, public pools, etc.

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you couldn't have turned it off? wtf!


You did it, you did it, you did it, hooray!!!

....over Dora the Explorer or was it just on?! Either way, ew.

If it was over Dora the Explorer... what the hell is attractive about that? Her stomach is sticking out xDXD. Maybe it was over Swiper? ;D

I'm pretty sure the kids fell asleep while watching TV and it was just on in the background...

are u the father or mother? u dont need to get out, u need to get laid!

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u r the sickest man alive. how do u wack off to Dora the explorer? it's people like u we don't need in the society. now I feel bad for your kids. if u can ********** to Dora, then shit u are a ****** pedophile. I hope your wife leaves your weird ass alone

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6 u are like such a fag! U desrve to be left by ur wife! We dont need u in society! By now u must realise im making fun of u! Trollbag!!

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I'm guessing everyone who did thumbs down was a fellow pedo bear Thumbs up on this comment from me

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OP didn't specify whether or not they masturbated TO Dora, or if it was just in the backround . . . either way, turn off the TV and use your imagination. Have the kids do the same. It will do you all a world of good.