By level6 - 23/10/2010 22:11 - United States

Today, after constantly checking my email for a week, I finally got a letter saying that I was accepted to take a test for a job position. The only problem is I was scheduled to test today, eight hours ago. FML
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Job rejection is getting colder and colder these days.

"You've got mail! I said you've got mail! HEY IDIOT, YOU'VE GOT MAIL!! MORON! Oh, forget it."


Should have checked the mail.

he was checking it constantly!

lol that job's probably not worth it if the employers are so irresponsible...

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Haha I'm not sure if this is what ya meant to do but did ya mean to replace "had a V8" with the "Checked your email"? If so, in that case I see what ya did there :D If not, I'll just--Stop talking -.-..

Rabble rabble rabble!

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Right, haha :D I knew it :P *Feelin' smart* :D

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Snooki want smush smush!

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It would be funny if the job position was technology consultant or something....

you got bamboozled, poor baby:(

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It was an indirect 'no'.

Yet it was thinly disguised.

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i liek big watarmelonz coz dey haz moar cushon for pushin

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I didn't write this. I wrote I can't read

noobcake? sounds delicious...

KaySL he's probably not lying, it's happened to me...

I don't know if this makes me automatically unintelligent, but 6 made me laugh.

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they made the email so it would show up 8 hours after the test was going to be? cool.

You weren't checking enough.

"You've got mail! I said you've got mail! HEY IDIOT, YOU'VE GOT MAIL!! MORON! Oh, forget it."

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"you" have tiny boobs!!!!! I mean really! I can barely see them... o.O

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Look at those BIG hands she has! lol

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And look at those BIG muscles! lol

back problems!

Job rejection is getting colder and colder these days.

that's what smartphones are for bud, u KNEW that u had a pending job application status...u ALWAYS remain on standby and check your contact methods to make sure u don't miss that opportunity...

Perhaps they can't afford a smart phone, I know I sure as hell can't. Those things are darned expensive especially if you are unemployed or in a low paying job. The OP was probably doing everything they could short of staring at the computer 24/7 just waiting to see if an e-mail shows up.

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or perhaps he should read carefully and use his measly brain to deduce that the email arrived too late

You think he could afford a smartphone if he didn't have a job?

stay off xbox! focused on getting to level 10, shame!

Do you mean 10th prestige?