By Anonymous - / Saturday 9 January 2010 05:58 / United States
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  Emrysa  |  1

This. You're insulting your sister, wow you sound like a winner.
I'd give the phone to your sister because living with you and your superiority complex/entitlement is probably punishment enough, she deserves the reward.

  JohnForge  |  13

Exactly what I'm thinking. I would've said, "How about you just look for a different color? It's the same exact phone." Of course I wouldn't have sounded pissy. Or I'd be fired.

  angrygood  |  0

I know, right? Why so impatient? And I can't believe that you'd even do that to your sister. Would you really want to hurt someone's feelings over a phone's color? Spoiled... so spoiled...

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