By warningxxLidell - / Saturday 9 January 2010 06:45 / United States
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By  epoh_fml  |  0

If you don't live where it snows, roads being bad after two days of bad weather will make no sense to you.

Snow plows can only do so much. The roads are still left with a bit of ice and snow on them and it doesn't melt until it stops snowing and the sun comes out. Even with salt and sand down, roads can be trecherous. I live in CT where we have efficient plow crews, and I am still very cautious when driving for a few days after a blizzard.

FYL OP. But the mental image is kind of funny :-)

  jisaac09  |  25

18 has the only expiation cause if the car was moving then the snow couldnt have been 3 feet deep for the OP to sink up to her waist..... and if there was a plow that pushed the snow into the ditch then the snow would have been hard enough to walk thru..... this is a fake..... Im srry but i only come to FML.com to read FMLs and if they didnt happen then they arent FML but at least make em plausible....

  lamezzzville  |  0

I drove my jeep through over 5 feet of snow... ended up pretty much on its side and was able to get out of it in neck deep snow :-P when I jumped off the rocker panel I was in over my neck...

  Fminetoo  |  0

I was wondering why my dishes are still dirty and i didnt get my sandwhich. lol.

Jk, sorry about your luck OP, i feel your pain, im in Northeast Ohio. I havent left my house in three days, but then again, that may be because im carless. lol.

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