By Danny - 28/05/2012 18:02 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I realised that my body has its own masturbation cycle; while I was out shopping, I heard the intro music to my room-mate's favourite video game, and popped an uncontrollable boner. FML
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Don't be worried, Diablo III gives everyone boners.

omfg_creepers 8



Don't be worried, Diablo III gives everyone boners.

Thank God, I thought I was the only one who played that game sensually. I leaf through the manual for foreplay.

Don't even get me started on the sound the case makes when you open it, and the plastic cover being ripped off for the first and only time.

Im gonna miss you, D2 LoD.

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Hardcore gamer

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16- Your profile pic looks like its making sex face.

36 - That's the Sweet Jesus rage face... Which is more or less a sex face.

I chose it specifically for this comment

Diablo - the inspiration to my username :-)

omfg_creepers 8


TarieBoo 2

#2 couldnt have said it better.....

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TarieBoo 2

oh gosh im so stupid i ment to post that comment(18) on #13's comment

Why would you say #2 if you wanted it on #13's comment? The damage is done, i wouldn't bother trying to fix it.

TarieBoo 2

56- because later 13 posted the same thing as #2

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Dang I meant to thumb number 2 up

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U can change it #97

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Popped an uncontrollable boner? Thats about as good as fuckball....

For anyone who didn't get that - it was from another FML where OC (original commenter) commented on the amazing word fuckball. I guess he found another fun thing to say :)

MonsterCommenter 4

^ Thank you for clarifying. I thought fuckball was really cool and fun to say, and "popped an uncontrollable boner" was up there with it. My original comment is getting thumbed down because people dont know where i got that from. :(

Fuckballs and uncontrollable boners... More fun to say than to have

And we turned your score positive -high five-.

some people think of naked women to get a boner. others think of porn scenes. you listen to video game music. each to their own!

cuddlebunny3548 11

I think he meant as soon as his roommate starts playing his video games and is distracted, he starts masturbating

They come out of nowhere sometimes. The Penis truly does have a mind of its own.

Some old video games of the 90s had music that sounds like porn music. I believe it was one of the streets of rage video games that I first heard have music that could be the background track for porn.

I think if my dad to get a bonor

Either you secretly have an uncontrollable crush on your roommate or that music turns you on.

I'll go with the latter, but thanks Sherlock. We never would have come to that conclusion without your masterful deductive reasoning!

Every guy would know this, and every girl could never understand. Random boners. They happen anytime, anywhere and without reason and they are so difficult to get rid of.

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They are like ninja-rections. They appear out of nowhere...

twisted_cherub 14

26- Girls may not understand, but women do. We sometimes get all moist for no reason at all. Most of us understand the random boners guys get. We have been through biology class. Also, it wasn't random at all. Pavlov's dog, people; it's a trained reaction.

randomhangul 4

I understand ._. mainly because I have an older brother. Well that and I also am 17 and am not an idiot :)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#81 - Do you talk with your brother about random boners or something? I don't have any brothers, but I sure as hell understand that boys get uncontrollable boners for no apparent reason and that is is normal. Not 'cause I'm seventeen nor 'cause I'm not an idiot, but because I'm pretty sure it's just fucking common knowledge.

44 - fair enough - point taken. Well at least women don't have anything to hide when it happens to them.

Every one should be excited when they see me. Captain Teemo on duty.

I guess not very many people on here play LoL... I thumbed you up.

Yeah, I guess I should stay quiet and just let Diablo III players have their fun :( haha

1337 name Teemo, I play LoL as well

He got thumbed down bc he's teemo. Kind of like how phreak always gets massive thumbs down on the forums regardless of what he says.

hockeyoceancity 13

What happens when you hear the theme song to your favorite TV show? You ejaculate?

I don't know, them square pants sound mighty fine to me...

Don't even get me started on the lady fairy of Timmy Turner..

hockeyoceancity 13

I may be the only one but i have a love for the show Adventure Time.

Wicked361 8

27-the "lady fairy" is named Wanda...

"I wanna be the very best..." *jizz*

33- I have a hardcore crush on Marshall Lee, on the opposites episode of Adventure Time. He was Marceline's opposite, and he was hot.

hockeyoceancity 13

That show is amazing. I don't know how it's made for kids, it is so trippy! Did you see the hug werewolf? lmfao! "he hugged me so hard last night i'm sore everywhere"

Lol, I haven't seen it yet! but they say things like sexy and pissed I'm pretty sure.. and Gunther was "preggers" in one episode. I'm 16 though, so kids-level or not, I'm still going to watch it XD

53- Like no one ever wasss! To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cauuusssee! POKÉMON!

Wtf? Is there someone stalking me just to thumb down my every comment?

hockeyoceancity 13

Lol i'm 17 and i find kid's show more amusing then "adult" shows. Sponge bob is amazinf too. You should defiently go on ondemand and watch hugwolf one or on youtube or whatever lol. The hell one is cool too also the "leech king" is one of the better ones ugh i feel like a nerd... Let me know how you like them if you do watch them lol.

mandadarling 10

That's awesome that your body automatically senses when you might have privacy.. At least you don't get uncontrollable boners at everything else!

One of the effects of Diablo 3.

hockeyoceancity 13

I really hope that didn't seriously take you 10 minutes to type.

hope you were wearing jeans, random boners suck

TarieBoo 2

i hope he wasn't standing behind a kid that was at hip level._.

"Ow! My head! Why'd you hit me mister?" Op: whoops.