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Today, while I was in the midst of the most mind-blowing shower sex ever, the fire alarm went off. My girlfriend had left the stove top on and the entire kitchen had caught on fire. So instead of finishing, I frantically ran around naked trying to douse the flames. FML
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I guess things got a little too hot and heavy

that pretty "hot".... I'll see myself out...

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OP's girlfriend is too hot for him to handle. Number one causes of kitchen fires…the cook being distracted by mind blowing shower sex.

That awkward moment every couple has at least once when someone says: "did you turn the stove off?" "I thought you did" "s$&t!!!!"

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It's fake. OP is a fat virgin.

Unless he has the testes of a horse, the average man ejaculates about a tablespoon's worth. Hardly enough to douse anything, let alone a raging kitchen fire.

He didn't finish, but he "came" to the rescue.

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so #11, knowledge from the internet?, or firsthand knowledge?

guys can go pretty much anytime they want, so you should have gone the extra 10 seconds, then turn off the stove!

Ignoring your "fact", turning off the stove won't put out the fire.

oh yeah, turn off the stove AND put out the fire :P

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Exactly what i was thinking. **** blue balls let the shit burn for a couple more seconds

Yea! Then you can enjoy shower sex at whoever's house you have to stay at after your place burns down! And when someone asks how does it feel to lose everything you own, you can say "doesn't matter, had sex".

73: Then they would be on fire, and they wouldn't be able to have sex. Ever.

That has to be one of the most overused stereotype.

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She barely turned 14, of course she thinks blonde jokes are still funny.

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Stereotypes can be funny if your timing is just right, and know how to to deliver a good punch line, but its always off and on with those kind of jokes.

^Blonde jokes aren't funny at all, at least to somebody who's naturally blonde. It's pretty offensive.

It's a joke. Uh- sorry if any blondes are offended by my joke..

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Are you stupid? The color of your hair does not matter towards your smartness or dumbness. Unfortunately, you don't know that. :/

Mind if I jump in on this blonde topic? Ok then! . . . My good friend is a blonde and after having this exact lengthy conversation, we realized that it's not that blondes are stupid/ditzy, they just don't give a ****. (For those blondes out there who take this seriously, I'm not saying you're dumb because you don't care). All women are awesome no matter what hair color. And oh my gosh, I just realized any woman (or person in that matter) is capable of making a mistake! *gasps*

People, people please. It is a j-o-k-e Just because ones hair is a shade of yellow does not effect their brain compacity.

Omg. I'm going to save the mods some time and just say "comment moderated" to all of you fools.

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That stereotype is ridiculously inaccurate. Find a new overused joke, possibly a slightly less annoying one? You're just insulting your own intelligence by classifying about a third of the world as stupid simply because of the hair color they were born with.. That's just my two cents.

Agreed! People are stupid no matter what color their hair is.

I always believed that the "dumb blonde" jokes were at the expense of fake blondes. The ladies who cannot go out to the mailbox in the morning without their face and believe that their bottle blonde and fake tan looks fantastic. Quick question: How many blonde jokes are there? Answer: None. They're all true. *takes a bow*

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Pics or ur not a real blonde!

I'm a natural blonde and I bleach it lighter, in 2 years I'll be a cosmetic nurse, stereotypes suck! However, blonde jokes are funny so you should all chill!

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Wasn't that the logical thing to do if your kitchen was on fire...

I'm impressed. Sometimes, we men think with our fiddlesticks and not our brain.

The fact that you just called it a fiddlestick..

Is that why women are meant to stay in the kitchen?

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For some reason your profile picture reminds me of this FML... the nakedness...

Look at it this way. At least the sex was good.