By fireman - United States
Today, I went over to this girl's house that I really like. I was planning on cooking her dinner. In the process, the grease in the pan got too hot and caught fire. We ended up having to call the fire department. FML
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  MissErikaHart  |  0

was this a girlfriend or just a girl u liked? if not then that's kinda homo of u to cook dinner for a girl ur in like with, op. u should take her out to a nice resturaunt next time.

  honeybee366  |  0

will old ppl please stop trying to use the Internet?! please!!! it's sooo annoying!!!! I know you're've got a picture of your kid and you always post stupid things like this, that only an annoying old person would say. do us all a favor and just go away. go take care of your kid in the picture.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

It's also annoying when little whiny illiterate kids use the internet. So if the old people have to GTFO, so do the little kids.

Also, it's the internet, dude. Who cares who's on it? If you have access to the internet, you have the freedom to go on the FML site, provided you aren't causing issues.

Oh, and his little girl in the picture (or her little girl...) is young enough that Doc may not actually be old. Young parents. It happens.

By  Annihilator  |  0

Just when you think you got it all, a big failure occurs when you least expect it. People's daily FAILURES keeps me entertained. I wonder what's next? Hairy moles, car accidents, retarded boyfriends, girls complaining about their periods, stolen money, failing at life and then working at MC forever........It's all possible. 『❻❾』(ゝ。∂)